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August 31, 2008


What, you need a reason?



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Men or boys? They look good, nonetheless.... ;)

judi, I certainly don't need a reason ;-)

*won't be naming any names judi but someone was asking what the boys were wearing underneath*

And the ANSWER?

Med, I believe she got a "man-thong" from one of them. Can't remember the others. He did ask if we wanted to see. Which, being the total ladies that we are, we replied: "After a few more drinks, SURE!"

I think he ran away.

LOL and poor Sharkie...the only guy with all these wimmin.

It's Upside Down World: gals in pants, guys in skirts!

id's please?

Siouxie definitely has a predatory gleam in her eye.


And where was her left hand?

what fun!!


Me, Jeff??? um...look at ec and judi.

This woman of the blog appreciates something nice to look at.

Thanks, Judi.

You naughty girls!

I guess my invitation got lost in the male, um, mail.

*blushing* Siouxie, that was me...

Really should have been there when Siouxie was trying to use her camera for an "up-kilt" photo. That was cause or ordering another round.

Siouxie, when I get to Miami, will you take me to see men in kilts?

They look really young.

Jan, you got it. We'll do another excursion/blog party!

Btw, Sharkie?? I did NOT get the picture. sheesh.

An unphotographed server advised me that nothing comes between he & his kilt...

Uh Sioux, it was your camera that was taking this photgraph, right? So, how could you have it in your hand to take an up-kilt shot, right?

Just cya, my friend...

YES, ec! you're right. It's blasphemy I tell ya!

Nothing is worn under the kilt. It's all in perfect working condition.

Personally, I got a handful of hot young maleflesh when I checked under a random kilt. I expect the sexual harrassment lawsuit to be served any day. Totally worth it!

Suzy, "The Random Kilts" WBAGNFARB...

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! (Wait, it's not TLAPD yet is it? Just Tulo got caught stealing second...)

Suz, so that's where you were whilst we were taking this photo. You slut.

SuzyQ was busy pulling the wool over her own eyes. (btw - Siouxie, judi - you look fab!)

*whistles innocently whilst pulling woolen tufts out of hair*

And I cannot tell you how many times I had been compelled by this crowd to wear a kilt last night. Alas, they did not have any long enough for me.

*snork* @ Shortie Sharkie!

Congratulations to all involved.

My condolences to Wales.

Q: What's worn under a kilt?

A: Socks and shoes.

Scott!! did you get out "shout out"????

OUR shout out.

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