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August 21, 2008


Witnesses: Man head-butted pit bull before losing ear

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Serves the idiot right!

Well, what was his ear doing near the Boulder Creek Path in the first place?

Will this affect 'is 'earing?

If a vagrant head-butted me, I would bite his ear off too....

And then I would have to find some mouth wash.

The goddess of war, battle, death, magic, prophecy, and ...

wealth. So there will be a winning lawsuit?

"One witness, who was at the scene and spoke with officers, said Valdez was drinking by the creek with about eight other people when he started “messing” with the dog, grabbing its ears and putting his face aggressively up to the animal."

In other words, alcohol and pit bulls were involved.

Good dog! Good dog!

Pit bulls just love pig ears...


*Weighs the differences: Lower part of the ear vs. fingers/hand bitten off.*

You know, I think I'd go with the ear.

But Dr. Bob, pit bulls are such playful puppies....

'He's not licking you, he's tasting you'

He pulls the dogs ears, the dog bites of his ear....sounds fair to me.

Have you heard that Mike Tyson is moving to West Virginia? He loves our "Mountain-ears." HA. I kill me!

*Loads shotgun*

Mike Tyson should move to Florida, where he can have all the Buccaneers he wants.

he's lucky he didn't lose his face.

Maybe he can borrow an extra from Yoda.

His nickname is now 'Chuy.'

Head-butting a pit bull -- yeah, that sounds like an activity that will end well. What an eediot.

Remember, Boulder was where Mork lived.

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