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August 04, 2008


We'll take a break from the usual stealth-bloggerette fare and offer you, if you have half an hour or so to spare, The Entire Reason The Internet Exists.

(Thanks to Amy Drees for the first link, and big freaking thanks a lot to all the people who already saw the other one and did NOT send it to us.)


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You're freakin' welcome, judi ;-)

We won't (open it at work).

seriously? et tu, su-zy?

nah....never seen it before ;-P


The one guy in the top picture appears to be very...um...excited about his swim wear.

And we blog guys are keeping count so we can tell Dave when he gets back.

Yes. We are keeping count. And Siouxie, don't try to even the count with more of those aged Brittney pics! You could put an eye out with those.

*innocent look*

whut, gp??? ;-P

Sounds like gp needs to cool off a bit.

Dr. Horrible is great. My wife heard me playing it the other night and said, "Hey! That sounds like something Joss Whedon would do!"

Very much like "Once More With Feeling" from the Buffy days. (Oh, and for Buffy fans, I found out today that they had once planned an animated series! I posted about it on my blog today, for those interested).

And chill.

Sorry Judi ... it never occurred to me that those who would be interested in Dr. Horrible didn't already know about it.

Nathan Fillion ...


Muwaha-ha-ha-ha-ha! CTU's "Division" has been a member of the Evil Legion of Evil far longer than that whippersnapper Dr. Horrible has been begging for admission...

Dr. Horrible was so not! It was great.

Sorry judi . . . had I known you were a Josh Whedon fan . . .

btw, is it just me, or have Nathan Fillion's biceps gotten significantly larger than they wee in Firefly?

Ok, I tried to like Dr. H. Really I did. But I couldn't tell if the video wasn't loading or NP Harris was just taking yet another dramatic pause. Glad you guys liked it, though. Not my cup of 'e.'

*goes back to 'shopping' at Abercrombie & Fitch*

If only I looked like either of the pics posted by Annie Where-but-here or Siouxe! And the GP is just my initials. No creative handle yet for this middle-aged geek... at least on one that would be good enough for this blog!

*will watch it when I get home*

I saw bits of it and it's really funny. I never got into Firefly. I'm sure I would like it though.

oops.. tosses up a NOT to replace the ON in the last line above.

firefly is wonderful, siouxie; do you do netflix? :) if not, you can borrow mine.

boo and funniegirl: i am a jw fan, but one doesn't need to be one to find this amusing, does one? (this is an actual question. anyone?) but okay... i'll forgive you *just this once*.

judi, I do Netflix...will get it and check it out!



Hmmm, Nanny.bot will not let me access. Probably a good thing. With Judi, I am assuming nekkid men.

Judi -- so glad to be forgiven! I like some JW stuff but am not as slavish a fan as others. (Loved Firefly, never really got into Buffy, tho' I appreciated it.) I mostly watched because of Nathan. (Yes, those are some rockin' biceps.)

As for Firefly ... the problem was that the network completely, utterly screwed it up. They didn't show the pilot until halfway through the run, they jerked it around on the schedule and pre-empted it ... etc. If it had been run in order, with some respect, it probably would have caught on a lot better. As it was you had to be pretty dedicated to follow it on its short run.

judi, Siouxie, & AWbh,
Thank you for the inspirational, thought-provoking photos.
Uh Sioux, your contribution doesn't look like an advertisement. More like from you personal collection...

axchually, ec....that thong photo was sent to me by ubetcha.

(btw CYE - sent you the cruz cruise family album!)

If you read the msn.com story of this episode, they remembered their duty free items & their 18 pieces of luggage. Something to be said for flying commercial after all...

Sorry! Posted the above on the wrong string. That's whut happens when you don't blog for awhile!!!

<------points ec to the right (left) thread...

TY Sio! The hubby took the wek off to celebrate with me! 11:43 am and already 2 mimosa's ahead :)Woo Hoo! XO

I love this. Never seen it, but was hearing things about Dr. Horrible and wondering......

I love this. Never seen it, but was hearing things about Dr. Horrible and wondering......

funniegirl - TOTALLY with you on the network's screwup of firefly. it was first on on friday nights, the death slot, but i watched it from the first show and then had to search for it to find it. even though i tried really hard, there were 1 or 2 eps that i saw for the first time when i got the dvds.

Cheryl, you LUSH!! I'm jealous. Have one or 3 for me ;-)

Happy b-day, Cheryl! Hic.

You are absolutely correct judi, one does not have to be a fan of JW to enjoy Dr. Horrible. However, if you are a fan . . . and a fan of that type of humor in general, one would not want to miss is.

Now, how about posting a pic of Nathan Fillion's bare backside.

Just can't do "Dr.Horrible". Too many flashbacks of waking up in the middle of the night to my ex singing during a conference call with her friends around the country as they all took roles from the "Buffy" musical episode. It was like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" with roaming charges.

ROFL at Martini. :)

And before I was so busy double posting that I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHERYL!

Sounds like you're having a good day. :)

OK..I was never a "Buffy" fan but did watch "Angel" to drool over see David Boreanaz who is now on "Bones".


What was the question again?

*waves at Eleanor*
Hiya E!

Siouxie, then you missed some - er, "interesting", scenes in Buffy (with Angel).

I bet, Steve. My girls watched it religiously. I only caught on a bit at the end and just started watching Angel.

judi/Firefly lovers - I'm not one to brag (ok ok..so I AM!) butt...I did meet Alan Tudyk when he played Hank Azaria's role on Spamalot on Broadway. He was awesome ;-P

*take away the 'on' and add an 'in' up there*

You "caught IN a bit at the end. . ."??? makes less sense.



Oh great! My hinder just healed from the other night.

Martini, I've said it before and I'll say it again: No one likes a smartass!

*waves back at ec*

Hows it going? LTNS!

Must be a tremendous amount of lonely people on this site, El.

Well Siouxie, to brag a bit, I hung out with Xander and his twin brother in the VIP room at the Hosue of Blues . . . and watched them film segments of Angel ON MY STREET! He's alot shorter in person.

Super busy, El. Sioux usually keeps up on what trouble I'm getting into...

I loved "Buffy" and "Angel". "Bones" is great, too!

Holy crap that is a funny vid.

Anyone else notice that at 15:41 and 15:48, the cook at the soup kitchen is clearly not pouring soup into the bowls, yet hands them out anyway?

Judi --

There were Firefly eps that never even made it to air, so we are lucky they made it to DVD.

I take it you DID watch the Serenity movie? Hmm?

P.S. Every now and then they talk about doing another one ... we can all hope.

Way cool, Boo! Is David just as dreamy in person???

Well, I WOULD have sent it in had my speakers been working when I first discovered this. So, I still haven't listened. Am loser.

yes, i fgirl, i actually went directly from work to the movie on the day it opened, the ONLY movie i have ever done that for. watched it alone, then went back with my kids. :)

Wow, this thread became a real fan-boy/fan-girl fest, like it's ComiCon, or something. Does that mean I'll have to dress in costume like the other cool kids?

This is awesome! Dave's away so we turn his blog into Whedonite Central! This is SO much fun!

And, since we're on Comic-Con and Serenity, Joss has done two three-comic-book "episodes" of Firefly that took place after Firefly but BEFORE Serenity. (So, you know, there's still some wacky humor around . . . )

That was fun. And - speaking of Firefly/Serenity - did you notice the model of the "Serenity" herself hanging in front of the window in Doctor Horrible's lab?

Way LTTG but if you're really into Firefly/Serenity there is a *bunch* of fan fiction. As usual, there's a lot of... not-good stuff but occasionally you can find some pretty good stuff that tries to stay true to the characters (even when they do some funky stuff).

Although they are preferable to rump hangers that cover only the legs of boxer shorts.

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