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August 25, 2008

WE'RE #1! WE'RE #1!


(Thanks to foof139)


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Gator fans. 'Nuff said.

*jumps on bandwagon*


Hang in there, 'Phins Fans. I paid close attention to the Jags/Dolphins game last week and you have good reason to expect better this year.

But I must thank the Fish for beating Arizona the other night. It helped keep my Dodgers in the race. Dodger tickets are cheap, but the parking is expensive. We don't have an NFL team, but plenty of basketball, baseball and hockey!

All of that drug money is driving the regular fan out of the park.

CJ, after ONE victory we'd better have a better year. Barely 6 weeks to hockey so I can wallow in more mediocrity.

And ranking Detroit as the best? Tells you a lot. (For one thing, it tells you that the article barely even counts the NFL team in a given city -- thus Indy finishing third worst).

accouTERments ? sounds like a .....well you know. Apparently, spell check was down.

Wow. You'd think that a city like Chicago would be in the top 10, if not #1. We have one team that hasn't won a championship in 100 years (Cubs), another that hasn't won a championship in 45 years (Blackhawks), another that has won ONE championship in 80+ years (Sox) and yet another that still celebrates winning the Super Bowl in 1985 (Bears). Sure, the Bulls were great for a while, but they're really sucking lately. I remember not too long ago that Chicago had a huge parade for the winning soccer team!

And the prices are astronomical for Chicago sports. Also, I think beers are $6 for Budweiser! I demand a recount!

Whoa, Jazzzz, "accouterments"? If there are accouterments, that changes everything.

I know I'm LTTG but I just had to say that we here in Sunny SanD came in second. That's okay by me. Heck, $50 gets both the Padres and the Chargers. All you gotta do is tell me where you want the check sent.

Post isn't clear!.anyways I proceed my warmest congratulations

Wow!..a job well done!

This is amazing!..

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