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August 20, 2008


A 12-year-old Tipton lad has demonstrated why it's a really bad idea to light your own farts in close proximity to a can of petrol.

(Thanks to queensbee,. Justin Barber and Robert White)


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Is it a bad thing that this is the only part of the article I understand: they were breaking wind and lighting it?

FIRST to suggest that a warning label is definitely in order.

This story just burns my @ss!

lit the wrong gas, did he?

Those wacky Brits, such colorful names for things. Such as trouser pump in the accompanying article.

I always light somebody else's near cans of petrol.

The lad was just doing his bit to save the planet...

I always light mine near a pool in case I need to be put out.

Fire in the hole!!

Fart-Lighting Youth WBAGNFA Japanese Superhero.

(apologies to The Doors)

You know they wouldn't stink too bad
You know the wouldn't be too loud
A blue flame near a tank of petrol
Could do our family proud
Come on cousin, light my farts
Come on cousin, light my farts
Try to set my ass on fire

LOL good one BoscoH

Prepubescent idiocy at its best.

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