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August 26, 2008


When you need to see some high-quality photos of stuff spilled out of trucks, this is the place to go.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I'd post the one about the accident at the Del Monte canning plant, but I don't want to spill the beans.

I am SO sending that link to people at work. Not that judi posted a link. Everybody is cheating and posting links in the previous thread, since judi's email doesn't work and she's busy with a 3 way. Light bulb.

The beer spill makes me want to cry...

well, as always, now that it's not afternoon any more, my email is working again. sigh.

judi, smack your computer. It's still on Chinese time.

yay!!! judi's back in bidness!

(psssst, Sioux, CYE)

Hah! wait until you Westerners see Mo Rocca's interview with the Hooters' gals, on the Tonight Show, "...even the foreigners"! Priceless! I need wings NOW!!

About time Judy. I have some Nigerian friends who were trying to contact you all day. Something about inheritance money. I didn't catch the whole story.

Nite, folks.

For me, truck spills are why I hate cloth upholstery. Nytol.

Tipped truck
Thru the two-lane
On the highway
Makes it slippery
Oh, tipped truck
Thru the two-lane
With me

OT, but if Judi isn't linking it, I sure will - rare (brief) Dave video:

There is new video this morning on the http://www.startribune.com/ site by James Lileks, featuring Dave Barry, Darryl Hannah and some kind of bird porn protest. It's labeled "Lileks Convention Diary Part 3" under the Multimedia section and will be followed by a sequel (when?)

Truckload of Garlic WBAGNFARB.

Just sayin'.

And speaking of which, we're seeing Jimmy Buffett tonight.

So that's what the lines on the road are.

The beer spill makes me want to cry...
Posted by: baligurl

Also the wine spill.

Hah!@Wally. Note that Dave, the "writer" uses a pen as a microphone.

There is also a picture of Dave taken by Lileks - on his iPhone, it looks like - here. They are in a bar for sound journalistic research purposes, I am sure.

Very funny, Wally. Thanks for sharing!

BIRD PORN??????????

The beer spill makes me want to cry...

bali, it was light beer. Spilling it on the highway is preferable to someone actually drinking it.

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