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August 18, 2008


Here in South Florida we are hunkering nervously by our TV sets and bracing for Tropical Storm Fay. Already we are seeing devastation in the form of downed leaves.


Moments after this dramatic photo was taken, Walter the Weather Oosik was struck by several pieces of what appeared to be water falling from the sky.

We will hold out as long as we can.


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I bet Walter wishes he was back in China with somebody safe.

be brave! and start setting money aside for sophie's therapy. does she know what you do with her doll clothes!??!?!

cg, I think Dave buys Walter his own wardrobe. Of course that may leave Sophie even more in need of therapy...

For the love of all that is good... Dave, you MUST evacuate to higher ground!!!!
Have the paper pay for a trip to Disney, that's the highest spot in the state.

Is it true that there are already reports of several umbrellas being turned inside out?

Is that one of you daughter's doll hats?

Imagine Dave's daughter at school, "My dad is a writer. That means he has to steal my toys and take pictures with them. He says it's for work."

A friend of Dave's daughter, "You're lucky. My dad is just a brain surgeon."

My, isn't Walter stylish in that shade of pink!

*imagining Walter hopping to higher ground*

*schedules extra therapy appt.*

Welcome back, Dave! We've also been POUNDED by water falling from the sky and a gust of wind. It may get worse. We may get two gusts.

Good news is...I don't gotta go to work!! YAY FAY!

Oh btw, Walter looks lovely with those pink galoshes & hat. (nttawwt)

is there something you're not telling us about "walter?" He has a secret life perhaps???

Oh, he's a walrus oosik, and he's okay.
He sleeps all night and he works all day.

I cut down trees. I skip and jump.
I like to press wild flowers.
I put on women's clothing
And hang around in bars.

We need rain in Alabama, so we're asking all Florida residents to face northwest and blow Fay our way...

That's not all you need in Alabama...

"All in all, we're not disappointed with where we are," [UA Head Coach Nick] Saban said. "We certainly need to continue to make improvement as a football team, especially with a lot of young players."


What we need to know:

Heavy rain moving our way

*Waves goodbye to Siouxie!!!*

OT, but possibly of some interest to s.b.'s and others, here is Craig Ferguson on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday:

here's Part 1

and here's Part 2

We now return you to your regularly scheduled string of endless weather reports and updates...

*WAVES back @ Hammieeeeeeeeee!!!*

Allen, batten down the hatches! I think I just saw a cloud!!!!Alabama is about to be inundated!!!Water levels to reach Vulcan's.......knees!

No, sorry, it was a smudge on my glasses.

Is Walter going to give us live weather updates? You know, like those idiots on TV that feel the need to tell us from 15 different remote locations that it's raining and the wind is blowing? If so, he'll have to hang onto that pole he's leaning against.

Having just lived thru Dolly, I can honestly say you should go buy more beer..... NOW!

Layzee, the professionals are now calling it a blob.

Now I'm escared.

To quote Mel Brooks: "Serf's Up!"

I bet Walter is stocking up for the hurricane too...

Why does Walter have a boot on his 'head'?

For protection, CJ.


A blob? There they go getting all technical on us.

Spent my morning so far going to accounts and getting a similar reaction from them: "You're working today?" I've taken the hint and stopped by see my kid to make sure she is set for the storm. She is so rattled I actually saw her take her attention away from the computer - to watch Olympic volleyball.

Sharkie! you should be in hunker-down mode now! I'm pretty sure you've got enough booze supplies.

Siouxie, ask him if you can borrow some Spam...

I'm also hunkered down here in the CONE OF DEATH, wondering how we shall ever find the strength and determination to carry on in the face of this blob called Fay. She's a mighty blob!!

Spam?? are you kidding me?? Sharkie's got BEER!! lots of it.

Pink's a good color for Walter. It brings out his flirty side.

Have plenty of beer, but I don't deliver so you'll need to brave one of the major roadways to get it. Don't take I-595, there's a fuel leak.


Why's it all up to me?
Shutter up? Stay or flee?
Leave the house? Kennel pets? Pack it up? Shouldn't we?

I'm in a haze
As the weather decays,
Avoiding decrees from my throne of uncertainty.

Light verse, ripped from the headlines

Hey, that scans pretty closely to the theme from M*A*S*H...

Courage, Dave.

And thank goodness you rushed home in time for Sophie to stay home from school because of this devastation.

As a Brit I'll remain sanguine through the terror of a blusterous day. After all, if Pooh, a bear of very little brain, can survive, so can I.
Seriously, remember to take proper precautions, if outside, cover your G and T, don't want it diluted.

well I think you are all a little stupid treating FAY as a joke its not a joke to those people who have lost loved ones through the storm why are you not thinking straight ? well of course youcant because you are all a little mad typical Yanks brainless.

My family and I are in Jacksonville heroically withstanding the torrential downpours, or light rain as some may call it. The meteorologists have been working day and night to provide us with our forecast of 70% chance of rain. Thank God for them. I couldn't sleep last night fearing it could go up to a 75% chance with no warning. I will be hiding in my closet today praying it's over quickly. Dear Lord please don't let there be puddles outside when this is over.

and to Fred... these comments aren't meant to downplay the tragedies associated with this storm. It is terrible what happened to those poor people. These comments are making jabs at the weather service personnel and the media exaggerations, I apologize if you are offended.

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