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August 28, 2008


Get it live from the candidate's keyboard at 1 pm Eastern time


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*cancels lunch date*


i'll try not to talk with food in my mouth.

Question submitted.

I've got to take this web seminar now and will be back after 11:30. Don't anyone start without me!!!

*holds siouxie's place in line*

Dave, I have a question How can I get out of work today to attend the Q & A?

*Adds this critical appointment to outlook calendar*


Thanks, cg!

Dave?? do we have time for lunch?

Hey! No cutting in line!

Dave plays keyboards? Who gnu?


cg held my place.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*cancels 1:00 meeting with Pope and Dahli Lhama*

I'll stay back and answer the phones. Yall have fun.

should we synchronize our blog watches now?

12:57 Easterly Standardized TimeZone

Ooh! Second question answered! I'm on a roll!

heh...I got one in ;-)

so did Hammie

*did look up bird porn* There's some mighty disturbed folks out there!

wooo hooo!! got another one!

Hat trick!!

YEAH! He posted my question!

Two in a row! Nice one, Siouxie!


heh...he also answered my "not Al Gore" one LOL

You too, Soulchefs!

May I just say that I really do know how to spell convention and throw an "n" over to the q & a?

Ooooh! Judi gets a cabinet post!

*snork* @ judi da slut!!

That was fun!

Thanks, Dave!

Yes it was fun! Thanks for humoring us, Dave.

Do we really have to go back to work??

thanks dave!!!

*did look up bird porn* There's some mighty disturbed folks out there!

That WAS fun! And I think there were more than 6 of us there.

Darn. Four more hours to go without any fun.

That was fun! But why did the bot put my bird porn comment down here again??????

I thinks I missed it by a few seconds...

I had fun. Posted 2 questions and got the same answer for both: Joe Biden.

BTW, I've been lurking around this blog for quite a few months, totally enjoying the craziness and humor, tossing in occasional comments under various nom de plume, but I wanted to say "Hi!".

Also, in case no one else has yet tossed this out,
Another tropical storm folks:
Holy Hannah!!

Welcome, WxGal!

Heya, WxGal. You must know by now that it is blog tradition that newbies buy the drinks for the first week. Longer if we snork at you. Oh, and stay away from Martinishark. He's a playa.

I thot he was a gansta, Annie.

maybe he's a gangsta en la playa. No se'.

That was a hoot. Dave should be a writer.


For the record, I asked Dave if he was going to ensure FEMA would supply you with many boxes of emergency rations of wine while you are hunkering from Hanna, but he didn't answer.

Maybe he already shipped it all to Tahiti.

Joe Biden was one of my answers as well WxGal! I rarely have time to do more than read here but welcome! I wish I had more time to hang out here than I do because it's definitely a witty bunch!

Welcome WxGal,

For a minute there I had you confused with WxGirl, who is a weather forecaster in the midwest.

I've come to regard Martinishark as a well seasoned shullbitter! It's a skill I respect.

Jan, I thought it was WxGirl too! She hasn't been around much lately.

Jollymon, thanks for thinking of me anytime there's a storm. Yer a pal. For your own peace of mind, I do have plenty of wine boxes hurricane supplies in storage ;-)

witty?.... as in demented??? But we do have fun. welcome wxgal. i assume you are a meteorologist. hope hannah isnt a ....................fill in the blank.
as for me, i have to get back to work. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaa

Thanks for the welcome, all.

Too early to open blog bar? Seems so. Except I know what lushes you are!! ;)

BTW, I didn't realize there was a WxGirl. Sorry WxGirl! I'm not a forecaster, but I am in the same field.

WXGal's linky

that storm looks like its headed for the carolinas. i'm up here in the nawth. and we've already had a tonna rain.

Thanks, Siouxie.

And I think I'll switch my handle so as not to confuse the blog boys and girls.

It's way too early to tell if Hannah will be a threat to the US. Gustav on the other hand....

Darryl Hannah is a threat?

Give Darryl Hannah a pedicab ride and she goes nuts.

Aw, I missed it. I would have told Dave that if he wore a toga to the Greek temple tonight, I'd make a major donation to his campaign (read: all the money in my couch cushions).

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