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August 31, 2008


Hire the unattractive.

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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first to wonder if she's employed for this reason?

"I'm not paying you any more money,the receptionist has given you a raise 3 times today already!"

Huh, I guess nobody spends time blogging while at work.

Dave, avert your eyes from judi.

Or else put on a kilt.

No wonder I can't get a job.

Hide the unattractive.

Dang, now I'm gonna have to fire myself.

*hair flip*

*quietly wonders what happens at family-operated businesses*

*quietly wonders what happens at family-operated businesses*

Surely you know the term "kissin' cousins".

2 out of 5???? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???

Obviously, this is where I went wrong - too much working, while everyone else was screwing around!!!

Hey Siouxie, can I work with you?

How much time did they spend putting this research together when they coulda been doing real work?

Heeey, this is discrimination against the beautiful people. I'm sueing! Right after my manicure appointment.

I know this is off topic but it may interest some:


Evidently, September is a good month for purchasing wine.

pogo, are you talking about this?

"And two out of five employees end up in bed with their workmate."

Don't forget though that the average has been skewed by the Village People.

I'm really glad it's not 3 outta 5, 'cause that's just wrong.

I understand the waitresses at Hooters get some pretty big tips.

I wonder what the self employed do?

Hire BOB, Marg.

*snork* @ Siouxie. Or work with this guy.

This is why I'm not allowed to work.


It's a curse, really.

*borrows Siouxie's hair flip, injures neck, goes to lie down*

600 hours? 600 hours?! In a career? I can get that in during a commited week.

- key word committed.

Annie, you got something against threesomes? Cuz, you being from free-lovin' California, I would've thought otherwise. Or is that era over?

My workplace is filled with geeks and nerds (i.e. unattractive people). I'm thinking maybe 1 out of 5 coworkers has EVER had sex, let alone had it with another coworker.

hey, "A Geek," I know sumbuddy, if yur needin... (can you squeal like a pig? jus' askin'?)

Is sex with a coworker anything like sex with a cowpoke?

SuzyQ, let's be real. Have you ever known a guy who can really multi-task? Most can't even talk and dial a phone at the same time, never mind handle a three-way.

SW, or a poke with a cowpoke?

snork @ sw's cow-orker

Point taken, Annie. Guess you need to find some new mens.

Point taken, Suzyq.

No mas mens for me. I'm done. :)

Where do I send my resume?


Annie, send the leftovers over

uh..Stevie?? you don't say HELLO anymore?? sheesh!

*thought I was special*


This is only applicable to the other people at my place of employment. One is on the phone 4 out of the 5 hours she actually is literally at work; one is constantly glued to her computer - work-related, I'm sure; one ogles patrons and meanderrs around trying to see what he can do; one checks her e-mail between writing a book and planning her work projects; one is in and out a lot for logically non-work-related stuff (but manages to do 3 of the above people's work and not get paid as well as they do); one talks about how much she sees on tv when she isn't at work and most of the rest of us read during the parts where we aren't swarming with patrons... Of course, we live in NJ ,where corruption by our politicians gives us something to look up to... Speaking of Joiseyians, where's Meanie the Blue?

Hi, sxi! Long time no e. And hi to everyone else too.

If you can be be happy with an unattractive slob
Just don't give a prety woman the job
So for my personal point of view
Pick a butterface to work for you

Hi back, Stevie. I'll forgive you...this time. Only cuz we've meant so much to each other...


I'm gonna kill whoever's getting my share

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