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August 25, 2008


It is filler. There is a difference. But we are sure you will succeed as a filler audience as well.


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First to agree

*grabs seat at blog couch to take up space*

Well I am not sure what to post here so I think I will just go with Stewart Gilligan Griffith. please let me know if that was the incorrect answer.

Fill 'er up!

Oooh, ooh, are we being a filler audience on the convention floor?!?! Do we have to wear stupid hats and pins, wave signs and look like we really give a damn about the convention? No? Good, I never was a very good liar.

Dang, had me worried.

Are by-products next?

Since this thread has no topic, let me ask: Has anyone else been having problems with the blog? Example is this one said three comments but when I click I only see one from MOTW. This has been happeneing regularly for the last couple of weeks or so. I'll post something and it won't show up for several minutes.

Some of us are exceptionally preserved.

Beats battery powered amp with cheap guitar, douses cheap guitar with lighter fluid, strikes match and has second thoughts. Don't want to risk dirtying bell bottoms and head band. Puts stuff away. Waits impatiently for change.

As a world renowned expert on boogers, do you have any comment on this?


Wow, it's like College again. Pop quizzes, filler material, and some humor mixed in.

yes, fivver, i've had that same problem.

How about this one? All week long, I have occasionally been hearing a strange, eerie, otherworldly sound effect on certain Blog pages. I know it's coming from one of the advertising widgets, but I can't tell which, and it's really annoying.

Cat - I've had the same problem on two different computers. Sounds like a UFO whizzing past.

And thanks judi!

*borrows Hammie's shotgun*
Be vewy, vewy, quiet. I'm hunting for wabbit bot.

Exactly. o_O

Cat, fivver - same thing here. I have to constantly 'refresh' the page to get the new comments to show up. and that weird ufo sound...creeeeeeepy.

Your problem is that you keep your volume turned up. Unless I'm watching piano-playing cats or whale explosions on YouTube, I keep my sound turned off. I don't get any wailing or screeching, or pop-up noises, and (especially) when I waste entire mornings playing online games, I don't have to listen to the insane repetitive sound effects. Also, it keeps me from disturbing the cat who sleeps in my "in" basket.
*This has been another Moment of Geezerette Wisdom.*

is anybody out there really upset that chris kattan's 2 month long marriage to -- sunshine tutt -- has already gone down the tubes?? this is an issue perfect for this blog....

But, Betsy, then how will I know when I've got mail?

I have a smoochie kissing sound for my email.

(Did I just type that out loud?)

Chris Kattan? I like his Pepsi commercial. Didn't know he was (briefly) married.

Blink and you miss those things lately.

quennie, I was not surprised at all. I think it was a filler marriage.

*smoochie* Cat

OK, weird things are a-happening. I saw a smoochie message from Siouxie (back atcha, Siouxie!) and now it' GONE!

By the time I refresh it may be back, so, as usual, just ignore my ramblings.

CaT R: Me too with that weird alien sound! It's been driving be crazee! Make it stooooooooop!

I'm so glad that this isn't a test, because I didn't study. I would have certainly failed since I have no idea who Chris Kattan is.

*hops on geezer bus*

(Apologies to the gloved one...)

It's close to midday and something evil's lurking in the blog
Under the comments, you click a link that almost makes you hurl
You try to close the window, but your browser freezes up, NSFW
You reach for bleach but it's not the right kind for your eyes
You're paralyzed

'Cause this is filler, filler post
And no ones gonna save you from the links in the comments
You know it's filler, filler post
You're fighting to be "first" but the bloglits were quicker, filler, today.

ellie?? think SNL

Kattan as Mango

Ohhh...I remember him. Thanks Sioux! He's straight??? NTTAWWT. Man, my gaydar needs to be recalibrated...

I am going to use this post for a test

It didnt work oh well now to get on with my life and see The Dark Knight again.

ellie, mine too. I always thought he was of the gay persuasion. (nttawwt)

I always thought Mango was one of the dumbest SNL characters along with that stoopid monkey boy he did.

Perhaps he isn't straight (NTTAWWT) and that's why the marriage fizzled so quickly?

SNL hasn't been worth a tinker's damn since the 70s.


i thought he was gay too. nothin wrong with our gaydar. of course, there's nothing wrong with..........never mind.

Guys, all the blog weirdness is due to the cyberspace overload coming out of Denver.

The dog gets walked, and poops along the way. The negligent poop-leaving dog owner is responsible when the jogger steps in the poop, unless the pooping dog owner demands his dogs poop proof. Duh!

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