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August 28, 2008


Key quote:  It’s safe to eat, and Mr. Gonzales said kids will enjoy a fun side effect: After placing the frozen whipped cream in your mouth, you can blow smoke out of your nose and mouth when you exhale.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Like James Carville...

First(?) to say way cool!

The Food Channel (I think) had a special on fried foods. The most intriguing was fried dill pickles from the Hollywood Cafe in Tunica, MS.

brrrrap. scuse me. need to contact my cardiologist.

Chicken fried bacon?! *swoons*

Why fry all that weird stuff? My favorite menu in the universe is oysters on the half shell, lobster stew, fried jumbo shrimp and onion rings at my local dumpy looking but absolutely outstanding seafood restaurant. I'm going there tomorrow!

Dr. Bob,

There was also a special on the the Travel Channel just yesterday that had the fried pickles, and also mentioned the chicken fried bacon. I would suggest that you be at the cardiologist's office when you eat that.

I'm with baligurl and health-conscious people everywhere. We need more chicken fried bacon and fast.

christine, raw oysters aren't advisable during the summer; get 'em fried!

Thick and peppery bacon seasoned, double-dipped in a batter and breading and deep-fried.

surely this is on the menu in heaven.

Yes it is, crossgirl.

Interestingly enough, the fried pickles have been around down here much longer than the casinos have.

There was a ma and pa icecream shop that sold them, but I suspect they were around even longer than that.

They're actually pretty good.

Fried grits make the world a better place to live. :)

And we make fun of the weird fried foods the Chinese eat.

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