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August 23, 2008


This is a test. Thank you. You have been a great test audience.


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First to applause.


Do I get an A? A+? Is is scored on a curve?


I haven't studied ... dang ...

(Hi, Andy)

(Hi, O!)

hey andy! just got back from the pub (tho i wasn't AT the pub... i was at stir crazy)... i can't wait to go out there with you, siouxie, and all the crazy kids from the blog ;)

hehehe...it's a date. :) altho it's packed on weekends, so we'll have to choose a good weekday to go.

42! the answer is 42!!

No, silly, the answer is "C". (Question one is always "C".

hi, azred. it's been awhile...

I think it's "none of the above."

hi wyo! howcum the kids on the right coast never come out here to play?

hey!! no copying off my paper!

The Tropic Hunt Guy leaves the Pub at 7:44 pm. At 7:55 PM, the Sub-Blog leaves Stir Crazy. At current gas prices, which of them stops reading this post first?

a) Daniel Webster.
2) Henry Clay.
c) The Treaty of Versailles.
d) The surgeon was the boy's mother.

Do I have to pee in a cup?

Lairbo: You're making an assumption that we are in any capacity to *read* after we leave those establishments...

someone call?

[Hic!] I stand corrected. Here's hoping you don't have to pee into a cup. Godspeed on the aim there, layzeeboy!

yeah i was hoping someone would drive me...

Hi Andy! Long time no see. I'll be arriving in Florida shortly before the Hunt, in Wanda, we hope. Looking forward to more bar-hopping with you.


Hi judi, when me and my camper get to Florida, we just will park her outside the pub.

Dave seems to be just a little teste today.

If I didn't stay up all night first . . . do I still get to take the test?


How'd I do??

*loves Dave an apple*

*and a beer*

tap, tap, tap...is this thing on?

Okay, tested.

wow, kinda like old (but not old) timer's week 'round here!

I need another beer.

If the test result comes back as "the rabbit died", I'm not home.

>wishes HE was within crawling distance of a FL pub...<


I'm pouring, Wyo. What's your choice of suds?

Had this been an actual posting, I would have a hilarious response. Oh, well. Who has the key to the blogbar? I gotta stay home tonight, so no pub.

Wayne, what's your choice? I'm going to be volunteer bartender for a while.

My ears are still ringing from the test - or something....

Figures. I finally have some time to spend on the blog and no one is home.
*slinks off to drown sorrows in gin and tonic*

KB, can I interest you in a cocktail?

Three bloglits walk into a bar.

One's carrying a dead rabbit, one's carrying a urine sample and the third one is carrying a breathalyzer.

The bartender looks at them and asks, "What is this, some kind of test?"



... um ... whut wuz the question?

Hi O. Want a Guiness?

Back. Guiness would be great, Jan. Two year old just tired herself out.

Yay, someone else with nothing better to do on a Saturday night!
*slides a couple of Guinesses (?) across the blog bar. I've moved on to white wine.

Did I win anything?

Can I at least have a beer?

Sorry I missed the test.

*slides another beer across the blog bar*

Hi Dad-O. Pleased to meet you. I'm almost one of the "oldies". I've been very busy for the past few months but I think I am back now. Yes, I have met Dave (twice!) and a small number of the bloglits.

Thanks for the beer, my favorite kind (free)

I've never met Dave but I do have his autograph on a couple of bottles of Liquid Ass.

I am also in the midst of reading one of his books (Peter and the Shadow Thieves) to a few of my children. They love the book.

I have the answers to the test (going to the highest bidder, of course).

Judi left the key to the test at the pub. Siouxie told me. ;)

dad-o-lot, i too am fond of the no-cost brand of beer. once, when i was at a fundraiser kind of thing with some friends, one of them went to get us a (free) beer. she came back empty-handed. "what happened, did they run out of beer?" i asked with some distress. "no," she answered, "all they had was miller and you don't want drink that crap." "oh yes I do," i said. so i went to fetch my own beer and she just sat there not drinking. go figure.

*slides rounds of beer all around*

Ick, no Miller. Nope no way. I have a 6 pack of Hemp Beer in the fridge. They used to have a very entertaining bottle cap which I was hoping to send to crossgirl, but it is blank now.

Le Pub?

*leans over to look at Annie's paper*

(pssssssst, move your hand so I can see)


soooooooo, judi?? when are we going to "the pub"??? and where's my free beer?

here you go, siouxie ;)


*waits for Siouxie to post judi's link*

dang. the menu sure isn't very pub-y. :/ oh well. it LOOKS nice ;) and they do have lots of nice, nice beers.

"the pub"

*slides rounds of beer all around*

Ick, no Miller. Nope no way. I have a 6 pack of Hemp Beer in the fridge. They used to have a very entertaining bottle cap which I was hoping to send to crossgirl, but it is blank now.

I have read most of the Shadow Thieves series before I give them to my nieces. My personal favorite book is my first Dave Barry book - Dave Barry's Greatest Hits. I took it with me to his book signing last November, and he autographed it to "Not-So-Shy-Jan, his closest personal friend".
Well, when my 86 year old mom saw that, she decided that Dave WAS my personal friend. She buys and reads his books now, and is convinced that The History of The Millennium So Far is a true story. She thinks that Dave lives just 20 miles south of me, in California, and asks me regularly if I have seen my friend Dave lately.
There is no point in trying to correct her; she will just forget.
She caught my brother smoking a cigarette a couple of years ago, and after expressing her horror, my brother told me she has caught him twice before and forgets about it each time.

OK, more beers all around.

Thank you, Siouxie. judi, I agree; the menu is weird-ish.

(jumps into room waaaaayyyy too late...)


I'm sorry, but "pub-y" looks way too much like "pubic" to me...

jus' sayin'...

Night. *leaves someone else to clean up the bar*

*looking at their beer bible menu*

Nite, Jan!

I'm done too nite all...sweet dreams.

OK, everybody out. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

*pours a Yuengling Lager (PA beer from "America's Oldest Brewery" - pronounced YING-ling*

Celebrating "Scranton, PA" announced 4,842,631 times on CNN tonight. Joe Biden...feh.

Obama bin Biden

BTW, I sent my "Obama bin Biden" to Rush Limbaugh last night. They responded back saying Rush LOVES it and is going to use it.

*snork* @ Layzee! that is great!

The Pub is great! And, ladies, the men are in KILTS. ;)


I am SO there! judi, pick a date.

Congrats, Layzeeboy! Excellent!

(If we're really lucky, your suggestion will lead to Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi writing another whiny letter to Clear Channel, which in turn will again be auctioned off by Rush for charity.)

KILTS??? omg...I'm traveling back in time, in addition to being lttg.

*Snorks* all around;)

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