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August 22, 2008


Lets' give these guy's an emense round of, applause.¹

(Thanks to queensbee)

¹And the s.b. will send a DB For President bumper sticker to the first person who  emails us a link to the actual sign. Thanks. Several times.



UPDATE from Dave R., who did not provide a picture of the sign but said, "I'm absolutely amazed how many web hits on the word 'Emense' you get. Very disappointing."


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Quiet day on the blog......

I think they took the wrong approach. They should have taken pictures and posted them to the web.

I fondly remember a sign in the window of a country store in Alabama which announced, "FOOD STAMPS EXCEPTED".

I tried to tell them this meant that they didn't take food stamps, but in the end I gave up and wandered off muttering to myself.

let's bee careful of our speling tho...

Sorry, judi. I tried looking. Even the guy's website is not showing anything. Just that a statement is to come. Stay tuned.

TEAL website:

Typo Eradication Advancement League

Statement on the signage of our National Parks and public lands to come

i had a similar experience with a restaurant that noted on its special's board, that it had 'hot' corned beef. i asked them if it in fact was HOT, and the woman said, well of course, that's why it's in quotes. i tried to explain to her that putting it in quotes made it look like it wasnt really 'hot'... but i had similar results to pogo, and had to leave before my head exploded.

I think the mistake can be found here. If you know what you're looking for. Then again maybe not.

i thought annie's boys were younger.

Is there any chance that the death penalty can be handed down?


How dare they charge these men with a crime when all they did was correct an egregious typographical error.

These grammatical vigilantes should be celebrated.


Next, maybe they can rid the Declaration of Independence of all those extra "f"s

We should send them to England, they'll have plenty of work there getting rid of excess "u"s and other extraneous letters those Brits use.

Heeey, now. My boys are too smart to document their idiocies.

There was a John Colter with Lewis & Clark. I remember Clark used the word 'emense.' Wonder if there's a connection.

btw - "emense" is ebonic for "freakin' huge."

I think it may be time for an off-topic Olympic update . . .

Carry on . . .

wait a minute..... what about that woman who was arrested for library fines... is there a connection here???

Found it

It's on the line above "Purpose of the Watch tower"

"snork" @ MKJ

Nice pole

AND the WEENER eeeeeeesssss


That's weird. Let me try this again>

Here's a link to the picture. Look for "emense" above the "Purpose of the Watch Tower" line. (I sent this to Judi).

I am currently reading a book on grammar and have fonud severval typos in it (yeah, I know, I know how to have fun)

....weird. Comments on the blog are appearing and disappearing. I thought those guys must have used their White Out on the blog! I must be seeing things.

(so glad the weekend is almost here.)

and i see they've got mile's two lines above emense....

Congrats, Steve! (24)

Here is another pic of the sign. It may take awhile to load.

For Doc B.

I used to be pretty anal about grammar and spelling, but then I read "The Professor and the Madman," GREAT book about how the English language got standardized (plus ax murders and stuff). The point was that there were so many compromises and inconsistencies that there's not much point to quibbling over the "correct" form of English.

And correcting the grammar on a hand-lettered piece of art? Oh please.

Speaking of signs this one made me wonder whether I needed a boat to proceed. This sign.

It seems a bit harsh $10,00.00 per correction, but Iv’e alway’s hated english anyways’ because I had to goes to summer schools’ four year’s in a row. Man that english teacher was a B_tch!

Also the actual complaint with corrections to the sign is here: http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/files/deck.pdf
page 14

From what I can tell, the person that took the picture(s) in the watchtower, tried to copy the text verbatim. In doing so, they made more typos than in the sign, e.g., "dewellings" and "tray of scred corn."

I saw a McDonald's billboard (NOT hand-painted) along an Interstate that advertised a Big Mac for .99 cents. Much as I hate the Golden Arches, I almost went into one, ordered a Big Mac, put one penny on the counter, and told them to keep the change. I was out of time, unfortunately.

MKJ: Oh, that's what they mean by "pole position."

Thanks MKJ. I've always thought that the women pole-vaulters had the best outfits (because they use such little material).

queensbee: if you haven't already, check out the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" quotation marks. http//quotation-marks.blogspot.com

Typo Nazis? Love. Where can I sign up?

yes, braniff - i have that site bookmarked. I sure do no how to have fun, two.

How 'bout a nastogia dress moroon size medium . . .

Nah, our nastogia has too many dresses already.

pogo: even with the neckless that comes with?

My mother and I have called ourselves "rogue proofreaders" for years. We actually have fun editing documents and sending them to each other. Yes, I know. But it's fun!!

what a maroon

Neckless, topless, bottomless - who cares? Ya seen one nastogia, ya seen 'em all.

This just in - an@l-retentive IS hyphenated.

Among other things.

And what word would you use to describe a person who is concerned about whether there is a hyphen in an@l-retentive?

Where were these guys years ago when Sears ran an add in the Kansas City Star for a sewing machine with a "built in butt-holer?"

I was at Antietam several years ago and saw an interpretive sign at the overlook of Burnside Bridge that referred to the "5th Maryland Corp" (rather than "Corps".) I told a friend of mine who works at the NPS Interpretive Design Center in Harpers Ferry, W.Va. about it and the Park Service had to replace the sign at a cost of a several thousand dollars. I'd think with all the budget cutting going on, NPS would welcome visitors fixing their typos for free.

Y'know, there's another man's Company and regiment on my great-grand-uncles' headstone in the Stone River National Cemetary. I wish I could get them to fix it....

First of all, to Dad-O, I "haven't never" seen you on this blog before, so you probably don't know my ™ "Ya' wanna' throw a few bucks my way to pay for the computer I'm gonna' have "too by" for replacement (SINCE I SNORKED BEER ALL OVER THIS ONE!!!!)" But with "Next, maybe they can rid the Declaration of Independence of all those extra "f"s", you urned, or deserved, it! Just get back to me about how you want to pay- I take cash, check, or credit.

Back to the rest of the blog, "People always ask me, 'Frodo, where the he11 did you learn how to talk?' I always say, 'Welllll, I learned it all from my grammar!' 'Course, she always had to remind me to cover up my danglin' participle! But I've NEVER had a subordinate clause, if that makes any difference to the single blogettes...

Certainly Frodo, I'll do a direct deposit into your account. Just provide a routing and account number and a Social Security Number and I'll get write on it.

I have a windfall coming soon from a gentleman in Nigeria.

touche, Dad-O!!!

I love you, Diva... Can I join your rogue editing club? Latest installment: A friend at work was so excited to show me the website she was creating for her neighborhood association. It has about 20 words on it. Three are misspelled. Oh, and I made the mistake of pointing it out to her. I barely escaped death. (Always) More to come...

There is a wonderful book complete with punctuation stickers called:"Eats, Shoots & Leaves" by Lynn Truss about the state of punctuation in Britain and the United States, I believe it was written in 2004 and is well worth the read. It even contains punctuation stickers so you can add your own bit of punctuation anarchy when you find errors yourself.

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

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