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August 28, 2008


This man can kill you using only his eyes.



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Give that man some gumbo, fer cryin' out loud!!!

Do not look the dread Carville in the eyes! It will turn you to stone!
*Hides and uses the reflection of my shield to observe the dread beast.*

Apparently you caught him while he was recharging his eye lasers. Brave shot!

ACKKKKKKK I'm melting!!!

also, my retinas were burnt from the glare coming off his head!

Any minute I expect him to say "Clinton, my precioussssssss"
*does her best Gollum imitation*

so if he was on 24, he'd look you in the thigh?

I don't know how Mary Matalin wakes up to this every morning. YIPES. I'd be so skeered.

What would happen if he took off his glasses?

james carville totally looks like gollum

Yet does Siouxie smack Dave? NO!!! Yet I post one little pic of Barry Manilow and I have to enter the witness protection program. Where is the fairness???

Was he carrying a Floor Whip?

Even though I knew what I was in for, I'll clicked on R24A's link anyway. Shame on me.

I'll? I'm permanently scarred.

*SMACKS* Ex-Addict...just cuz I can't smack Dave.

he is the creepiest creep. except for his wife.

Did you take that photo...cajun-style?

He makes good ice cream and cakes, though.

yes...i...think...okra...should...be...the...national...vegetable....don't ...you?

insom, I think oprah would object.

insom may be right, Sioux. She could qualify to be the national vegetable.She certainly doesn't exercise much.

I always thought the kid that Carville and Matalin had must be the Anti-Christ...

Carville's actually a very funny guy. He could kill you with a joke. His accent is a registered lethal weapon.

Soulchef and landshark,

I can personally vouch that his name is actually James "Sméagol" Carville...

The jig is up, and I commend you both for finding out...


I bet he'd look hot in a kilt.

Siouxie told me.

Personally I don't know how HE can wake up to Mary Matlin every morning ... a Republican, fer cryin' out loud.

*shakes her head*

We report. You decide.

Oops. Sorry landshark. I meant to post this one as further proof.

I think I found his dog.

Thanks for verifying my hunch Frodo!

Now can anyone verify a relationship between Ringo Starr and Yasser Arafat? They also bear an eery resemblance.

Soulchef - you may be right. You never see those two in the same room at the same time. Hmmmm...

Especially now that Arafat is "dead".

And ABC's Bill Weir and Alfred E. Newman... Eerie!

Yall are all wrong.
That's me, on a good day.

Pulls *y* and tosses *ie* waaaaaay up there.

arafat / ringo

The jury rests, Your Honor.

What a donut.

Mary Matalin once said the her husband looks like he was made out of spare body parts.

Ah the romance.

To quote the less-than-esteemed Peter Griffin:

"Whew, geeze, get that away! Did somebody open the ark of the covenant?"

Jack Bauer could take him down using just one of his eyelashes

Jack Bauer could take him down using just one of his eyelashes

My eyes! My eyes!

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