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August 22, 2008


There might be trading in Truckee, too.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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"Misdemeanor Unlawful Possession of Bear Parts" WBAGNFARB.

Okay, granted, it's a cumbersome name to fit on a marquee.

Yay - Siouxie finally got posted...a toast to her bear organs!

So... you killing a bear for its parts is a felony, but killing it with a car is a misdemeanor. What happens if you kill a bear for its parts with a car?

I couldn't bear to part with my car. Nor could I part a bear with my car. But a bear could park my car. Barely.

"Somebody took it to the side of the road with surgical equipment cut off the genitals and gall bladder. That's all illegal," said Ann Bryant of the BEAR League.

What? Taking it to the side of the road with surgical equipment? Who knew?

That's a very grizzly story.

Convict: Whaddaya in for?

New cellmate: Unlawful possession of bear genitalia.

Convict: Yeah? Well, from now on I'm Yogi and you're Boo Boo.

I've always known that a bear market was a bad thing.

now, at last, I understand why.

*SNORKS* at Lairbo

This story is kinda gross.

But snorks at Lairbo just the same.

I'm guessin' Whinnie is on vacation from Pooh Corner? Until this is resolved?

heheheh...Siouxie has bare organs.

Annie told all of us.

did someone bare organs???

Wyo! Stop lookin' at my organs! I just got outta the bath. Sheesh. A lady takes a candlelit, wine-assisted bath, and just look what happens.

I'm so glad I'm just a nice, quiet gurl who points out the obvious. (Wyo, yer killin me!)

OT/ So I guess it's Obama bin Biden on the blue ticket?

who did it? i'll bet it was the organ grinder's monkey.

*covers her organs*


Bacon, anyone?

Layzee, are you always up that early, or did you get your text message at 2:45am like me? ;-)

*Grabs bacon*

Thanks, Siouxie!

So...the is it black bear market, or the bear black market, or the black bear black market, or the bear black black market, or...

Well I'm hurt. I did not get the txt message from Obama. Boo hoo.

Siouxie, I officially confer on you the title of Blog Pizzle Expert/Queen.

I'm sure you're very proud.

Extremely, Jeff. I feel an emense sense of pride. Or maybe that's heartburn. In any case, I am watching the US women's (?) basketball game and we are kicking Australian buttocks! YAY!

"Without witnesses this is going to be a tough case to make," Lucero said.

I dunno, I didn't pass law school, but if the search of a suspect turned up a bloody bear pizzle I think I could get a conviction.

Siouxie, they're awesome, aren't they?

YES! Layzee. I hope The Heat coaches are paying close attention to this game. We could use some of these women.

And they got the gold!! WTG ladies!

It's been pizzling all day. Time to give up trying to accomplish something and just drink beer.

BlogBear's Open!

Awww, jeez; synchronized apple-bobbing or something. Thank goodness Bucs/Jags tonight, even if it's only Pre Season.

Are those not bear necessities?


CJ, I'll take anything behind the bar that says IPA on it.

*hands ch a Red Hook IPA, gets an Amber Ale for hisself, yawns, scratches*


are you talking about this?

BTW, I've been trying to get back into the good graces of the blog since I linked to a BM pic the other day... it was wrong (VERY wrong) on my part, but... anyone want to talk to me again? (What's the standard sentence in the blog penitentiary?


But while we are on the subject of "organs"... I spent a weekend with a friend, during which we moved: 1) him and his wife, 2) his wife's sister, and 3) his sister...

Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted (and "slap-happy," ergo, you can't prosecute us for anything we said). So, when we finished up with his sister's move, we were drinking a beer, and his sister told us some story about a friend that had a pipe organ installed in her house. It was a labor-intensive job, so the installers actually slept in her house. So my friend and I, slap-happy and having a beer, were making jokes... My friend's sister was (just a little, 'cause she knows us) put off, and responded to our laughter with "NO!, they were installing a PIPE ORGAN!")

When I responded, "Installing a pipe organ? Is that a euphemism?", well, let's just say that "hilarity ensued." My friend, his sister, and myself were washing underwear that evening...

A gin martini, please. With 3 olives.

Frodo: yes. Except I don't dance that well.

EWW that story was disgusting :(

If people did steal those organs to sell them off thats terrible :S

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