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August 29, 2008


I took the photo below at a protest against war and fascism that mainly consisted of young people standing around drumming, surrounded by several layers of onlookers and, farther out, police officers. The drummers were wearing bandannas on their faces. I don't know why. Maybe they felt they they needed to protect their secret drummer identities from the fascist warmongers. Or, their parents. In any event, there was no bloodshed that I saw, although there could have been some nasty blisters.


I'm heading home to Miami now so I can wash my underwear and head for Minnesota. (They have strict underwear-hygiene laws there.)


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Dave, they must be protecting their secret drummer identities from the facist warmongers. Their parents will find out when the Visa bill comes in.

Crips and bloods drumming together? Who would have thunk it.

They are drumming on empty used 5 gallon plastic buckets (trash). They have on masks to hide their child identities, and they expect someone to take them seriously? Oh wait...someone did; there is a guy there holding a boom microphone recording it. Gotta love it.

It's the government and their anti-drum gas. We need to shield our lings agaist it. Wake up, people. Wake up before it is too late.

It's the government and their anti-drum gas. We need to shield our lungs against it. Wake up, people. Wake up before it is too late.

**Sorry massive headache. Didn't see those spelling errors.**

Jerry, is that you? You wait until I get you home young man! You are sooo grounded!

*girds lings*

Nice set of lings on that anarchist.

♬ Pa rump pa pam pum ♪

I'll take a Yuengling, por favor.

Doesn't the half green/half black flag mean Gustav is coming by nautical definition?

For a second there I read that sign as "Stop 69" and wondered why would anyone wanna do that???

must get more coffee

Ana. Young.,

I just assumed you had already been effected (not affected) by the government anti-drum gas of which you were decrying.

Fox News Channel is now speculating that Dave Barry is flying to Ohio to be announced as John McCain's Vice President Court Jester.

Sioux - When I was in college about 100 years ago, I-69 was being completed through Indiana. For some reason the signs kept disappearing. (My dorm had several of them.)

Nerd hobbits with poor eyesight...They're only missing the white tape holding their hornrims together...

I'd like to order a mooseburger, please.

I'll join ya Dr. B ;-)

pogo, of course YOU had nothing to do with those signs missing.

"I'm heading home to Miami now so I can wash my underwear and head for Minnesota."

There's a song begging to be written in there. If I had more coffee, I'd try it myself.

A country song, no doubt Cat.

GO for it

I'll have to switch from decaf.

Hmmm, McCain picked a female VP. Governor Palin from AK. This could make the game more fun.

I give McCain a lot of credit for the ad they showed last night, congratulating Obama on a job well done. It shows the man has class; and even though, like he says, they'll be going at it again as soon as the GOP convention is over, I like the idea that they'll shake hands before they come out fighting. That too is what America's all about. To me McCain sounded a lot more sincere than the Clintons, and I hope it is a reflection of the campaigning yet to come.

I'll join ya for lunch, Dr. B and Sio.

Hammie, that's why we're having mooseburgers for lunch ;-)

*WAVES mooseburger*

Steve, for once, I agree with you. VERY classy guy...no matter who you're voting for.

My mom just called me, all worried that Hillary's die-hards will now vote for McCain because of his VP pick.

I asked her, "Well, will you?" (She is a staunch HRC supporter.) "Of course not! Are you kidding me?!?"

I have no worries.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

You have Moose juice on your chin.

Maybe Dave will now pick judi!!! Imagine that.

*wipes chin*

Judi has my vote.

(Besides attractive men, what are your other platform issues, Judi?)

I've been a fan of Palin's for awhile, so I assumed she wouldn't be the pick. When you've learned more about her, I expect you'll be pretty impressed. She's been kickin' serious corrupt Repub butt for years and she's the one that killed the Bridge To Nowhere (Ted Stevens and Don Young HATE her). She took the Governor's private jet from the previous administration, put it on EBay, and sold it at a profit! Me? I just like her 'cause she's hawt!

Any chance of a jealousy issues between McCain's wife and Palin? Specifically issues resulting in scratching, tearing, slapping, etc.?

If there is a chance, it may sway my vote.

As long as it's moose juice, not goose juice because as everyone knows,

moose juice not goose juice is juice for a moose,
and goose juice not moose juice is juice for a goose.
And when moose gets a mouthful of juices of gooses,
and goose gets a mouthful of juices of gooses....

dang it... I have been reading too much Dr. Seuss.

When I think of Palin, I picture lumberjacks hanging around in bars. NTTAWWT

Oh, the other Palin.

All right, here goes. (It's not a country song. Trust me, Siouxie, nobody wants me to try that.)

My blue shirt’s packed
I’m ready to go
I’m standing here on the convention floor
I still can’t score flamingo glasses from the Dems

But my Hanes need washing
Already day four
The protesting drummers
Have blisters galore
I’ll be off to Minnesota
To do it again

So text me and blog for me
Tell me that you’ll wait for me
Share your booger jokes
And humor low…

‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane
Quick stop in Miami for a clothes change

Oh, Blogits, I hate to go….

I think Palin is an interesting choice. Barack claims to be a DC outsider and picks Mr. Insider. McCain is an insider and picks an outsider.

I do think he purposely chose her to offset the "Hillary factor", though. Is she ready to be Prez if something happens to him?

CJ, I'd do her if I were a lesbian. Which I'm not. NTTAWWT

YAY Cat!!! I loves it!

Baron, you're not alone. I too thought of the OTHER Palin.

At least she can outshoot Cheney. Hell, I can outshoot Cheney.

Annie, my cat can outshoot Cheney. He's a badass.

Steve, I agree with you with a twist. McCain exudes class. Caesar Milan would say that he epitomizes calm assertiveness. If anyone saw him on Leno Monday night, did you notice how naturally perfect and yet effortless his sitting posture is? But McCain also knows how to use his good leg to kick people in the nuts while looking them in the eye and giving them a warm handshake. Barack better wear a Kevlar jock strap.

Me? I just like her 'cause she's hawt!
Posted by: CJrun


I'd do her even though I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. Or is that, ". . .Because"

Or Dave could pick a musk ox as his veep. maybe then we could finally get gore back into the whitehouse.


However McCain loses major points for his trollish giggle.

Now that we know the ticket, can we anticipate His Blogness' RNC name?

Shot-Down MILF?


Arugula Snob and the Hairplug Buffoon

DPC, your's didn't work; maybe this one will.

She was a star basketball player, and has been kicking good-ole-boy butts in Local and State government since 1992. The Alaska Repulicorruption machine has been getting it's butt handed to it by this sweet little thing. She cut her own salary and cut property taxes in her town 60%. There ain't a tougher cost-cutter and demander of efficiency in either party, at the executive level.

Somehow, McLame managed a pick that genuinely pleases a lot of people.

*Flaps in for a moment*

Yay, Cat!

I think those drummers are using empty 5-gallon paint buckets. They look a lot like the ones currently sitting in my garage. However:

A big trash can and a red bandana
I’m all dressed up to protest
A big trash can and a red bandana
This is free speech at its best

My folks told me, Son, you know,
Off to college you will go
Now I drum and make a scene
(This was not my parents’ dream)

A big trash can and a red bandana
I hate those fascist dudes

Siouxie, when buying your cat a gun, the thing to remember is it has to be the right size...

If she can cut McLame's trollish giggling by 60%, I'd vote for her.

Steve - like this? (NSFW - noise)

YAY Duckness!!!

Why's his Daveness going to Minnesota? Inquiring minds want to know?

Forget it. I just totally forghot about the Republicans... Then again, thta might be a good thing.

And I'm forgetting to spell check myself. It's been a long day.

Oh, I'm vice-president and I'm okay,
I veep all night and campaign all day.

Oh, the OTHER Palin? Dreadfully sorry.

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