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August 20, 2008



(Thanks to Margy Cassidy)


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Watch the Olympics!!
(Oh, and wear protection)

My post was the first to impregnate this thread.

It's Phelps by a head...SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SURE they're paying Mr. Phelps a royalty for those shirts, right?

Braniff --
I think Mr. Phelps is a bit on the outs with the family for the past decade or so. The Baltimore press has reported that the Dad has asked to not be contacted for comment.

If the T-Shirt were accurate, the Michael Phelps sperm would have been doing the bazoomage breast stroke.

Alias - I don't know about the dad, but his mom has been featured at poolside by the media.

In a controversial finish, the Cavic sperm is again beaten by 0.001 second...

Having viewed the t-shirt, I'm assuming that the people at the local drinking hole are smashed out of their minds and would laugh hysterically at a root canal...

I doubt the guys would be laughing very long if they saw their wife or girlfriend wearing this t-shirt ...

(though I'm guessing Siouxie has it in three different colors...)

Now that's funny. Updating the gold medal hunt, Michael Phelps is tied for 7th place with South Korea and Japan.

Now that's phunny.

NMUA. Sorry, I meant Michael Phelps himself. But I didn't know that about his Dad. I was wondering why he's never mentioned.

wait, i don't get it.

oh, because michael phelps is a fast swimmer!

hehehehe good one!

Heh! Cute shirt. So...who got the silver egg?

RE: his Dad, I found this:


Almost as ubiquitous as golden boy Michael Phelps has been his mom, Debbie.

But nowhere to be seen (or heard) has been Phelps' dad Fred, who tells the New York Post that he hasn't even talked to his son since he left for the Olympics. Turns out that Ma and Pa Phelps divorced when Michael was nine, and has been "in and out" of Michael's life.

"I'm very proud of him and all he's done," says Fred. "This is not about me, it's about him."

It's funny. I want the shirt.

One of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quotes had to do with his lack of athletic achievements. Then he started telling people he was "descended from a long unbroken line of champion swimmers."

That's how I remember it, anyway. Anybody with the actual quote, love to see it.

The Olympics took the low, wonderful path to marketing. Believe me this sells:


Microcosm's linky, which should under no circumstances be opened at work, if you are male; or even if you are female (NTTAWWT) ...

That's the best laugh I've had in weeks! Keep up the good work, Dave!

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