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August 24, 2008


(Thanks to Jeff Matthews)

Update: Here's another contender.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Wow, that's amazing.

No, I meant this: Chinese media have given no details on the nationality of the tutu-wearing man, but eyewitnesses said he seemed completely sober.

I did find some video of him getting ready for his big moment.

WARNING: do not watch before eating.

Jeff, there's also THIS to consider...

Then again, "Angel Valodia Matos" anagrams to "Vast egomaniacal dolla'," NTTAWWT...

the tutu wearer would surely fit in in many places here.... like, say, florida.


WWCND? (Chuck Norris)

Those crazy hot-headed Cubans!

Mornin', Siouxie? Want a Cinnabon? The gooey kind, with caramel and pecans...yummy!

Mornin' bali!! I loveeeeeee cinamminamum buns! I just watched the replay of the US men's hoops gold game! Our boy Wade did good.

Looking forward to the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, it'll be amazing! And 50% fake, but a visual feast, nonetheless. (Here, Sioux, have an espresso, too.)

Same here and gracias for the cafe.

Morning! I need bacons.

(More than one piece of bacon = "bacons", according to my Chinese co-worker)

bacons for PB!

So, I assume the tutu wearing guy finally got his coffee from the bikini chiks, then drove to China and was still in time to prance around like a horse.

And all I did today was wash my car.

It took security officers and police several attempts to catch up with the galloping male

These guys would have gotten him on the first try.

Jeff, thank you for the link to RIA Novosti. I have been looking for a Russian news link for my father who is interested in international affairs and the only one I could find in English was Pravda. Those guys seem like a bunch of wild eyed recluses ranting!

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