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August 25, 2008


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Two amazing things about this story:

1) It didn't happen in Colorado.

2) It doesn't involve an ex-girlfriend of mine.

In Espanich:

She's got cojones

What's the problem here? She had goals and a solution in her pocket. Case closed!

Eldredge called the bail “impossible” for her to raise.

Chutzpah would be borrowing $2500 from her ex to post bail.

What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.

sounds like boyfriend number one is a whiner and she's well rid of him.

Aw jeeez; on top of it all, she used his card at a Best Western!!

(in fairness....)

why did the newspaper publish her address? That seems unnecessary and adds nothing to the story, but sets this woman up for some angry neighbors.

I call this stupid

I can just hear her to her boyfriend: "Are you gonna believe me or your lyin' effin' eyes?!"

Cue gunshot.

Aww, I don't know Mad. I may just send her some fan mail, and ask for tips.

I hear ya, MSW; especially as one of those two addresses is probably the boyfriends!

Here's a question; when was the last time anybody was able to register for a room without having an ID matching the credit card, photocopied. It's absolutely standard, everywhere I go!

Mad - it's a common practice to give addresses with arrest reports. Maybe it's to avoid confusion with a person of the same name across town.

"Eldredge, 29, with addresses of 11 Norton St., South Berwick, Maine, and 179 Old Post Road, York, Maine..."

At least she knows how many homes she has.

She used the credit card in his name, she's lucky he didn't have a bullet with her name onit.

CJ, that's just special treatment that YOU get when you check in.

Ain't that whut I said up there, Sharky?

I worship her...

yea, Bali, but I put her name on the bullet, so it is completely different you see. (slinks off)

Desk Sergeant: "You're bail is set at $2500."

Eldredge: "You take plastic?"

snork! @ frod

i hope she writes a book(let). i could use some o' that kinda `tude.

And not only that, Pepperoni flavored Hot Pockets are being recalled!!!!!

Too bad she has to return all the super-tight clothes she bought at Junior Whore GAP.

...and theft convictions dating back to 1997, and probably before that except that she was a minor then and those records are sealed.

"being held on cash bail"
Can she use the credit card to post bail?

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