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August 25, 2008



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Whiners. You don't hear the people of Cuba, Haiti or the Dominican Republic crying, do ya?

With the howling winds, comes the stinging rain...

Hey, that would be a good U2 lyric!

Oh. Never mind.

Yeah, judi. We're already griping on the pot thread. Although, now that I think of it, I just might have something else to add to my Preparation List.

Of course, I blame this all on Dave. First he went to Beijing and what did we get? Not even a lousy t-shirt, only lousy Fay. Now, he's off in Denver and what do we get? Gustav. Hrmph!

Thanks, Dr. B. I'll have some cheese with my whine.

Suz?? Gustav partay at my house! bring the munchies.

Bob, we hear them, but they speak Spanish and French, so we can't understand them. Experienced observers: note that tight eye, not usually a good sign, especially this early. Or maybe he's been 'shopping'.

As a "people of Cuba" I say this:


Sioux, I'll bring the munchies if you made it to Mall of the Americas for the, um, bleach!

Shouldn't that be "Siouxie, hunkering in the Cone of Death" ... ?

Judi, I thought of you and Dave and Siouxie as soon as I heard this on the local news. I just hope it's not another one of those "hey we're hurricanes, let's hit Florida" years.

(Rolls motorcycle back into garage, pulls kayak down off the rack) "I'll be off to work now!"

Say what you will about Hickenlooper and the Spittoons, but we don't get hurricanes and tropical storms in Colorado.

We are, however, ankle deep in alleged celebrities and obnoxious protesters. Maybe I should visit Florida for the next week.

Will, Thanks for getting all the "alleged celebrities and obnoxious protesters" out of New York for a few days. That lets us enjoy the great weather we've been having without having to share space with said celebrities and protesters.


Do you know the over/under for how many delegates Hillary's gonna steal?

Steve, I haven't started hunkerin' YET.

Suz! got the uh..bleach.

Not enough.

C'mon, Will, that's no answer! I'm trying to lay real money on this!

Could be worse. It could be Cher.

With a name like Gustav, I believe I'd be a "little ragged" by 5 as well. And that is before stopping by the mall.

I checked with my super-secret sources. The number is 42.

Ya'll need to move. This would never happen in Rabbit Hash.

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