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August 20, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I like to read when I eat, so that could be a problem.

Action News at 11:00 - This just in:

71-year-old Gomer Plank backed into a neighbor's prize-winning lilac bush. Plank says, "My fingers were burnin'. My cup o' noodles was splashing over me."
After a short struggle, he lost control of his vehicle. Horticulturist experts say the lilac bush is a total loss.

Police suspect Mini-Microwave use was involved.

Not a problem. See the "Related Links" at the bottom of the page. You can also get Internet access and a Wi-FI router in your car. That way, you can microwave your burrito and comment on the Blog while careening down the highway (I recommend Florida Route 41, from Naples to Miami, at 115 MPH). And it goes without saying, you'll want to call someone on your cell phone to tell them how cool it all is.

I guess it's still safer than using your cell phone to call in an order of take-out food while driving.

115MPH on Route 41? I feel fortunate when I can actually achieve the speed limit. Usually there is a large vehicle (or three) in front of me with no obvious driver doing 30 MPH and swerving back and forth so there are no possible chances of passing. This is when I NEED the microwave, cell phone and in-car DVD player 'cause I know it's going to be a long, strange trip.

Ahh, volcanic-hot melted cheese erupting while commuting...What could possibly go wrong?!?

I once saw a lady eating a bowl of cereal while trying to make a right hand turn to go onto a very busy street.

....and it WASN'T in Florida!

I'll need one of these tomorrow for my trip to Sarasota.

How is that any worse than this ?

I'll get this and then the inside-the-windshield wipers so that when my burrito blows up in my car, I can still see to speeddrive.

Hey, now that we have that new hands-free phone law in California, we'll be able to cook up some grub!

Why buy a microwave? My car gets hot enough just sitting in the parking lot at work. Solar power...can't beat it! ;)

LOL very funny video, Scott!

I know some guys that are going to be cooking pizza rolls on the way to work once they get one of these.

Does it come with a Florida driver's license?

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