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August 25, 2008


Anybody wanna go shopping?

(Thanks to Siouxie and soulchef)


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Danged DEA agents... always bogarting the doobage.

I hope the growing area was near a cookie or donut shop.

No wonder the Cookie Factory was the best grossing store in the mall.

NMUA, we are thinking alike...

To paraphrase those folks in Denver this week, Let's put some pot in every chick!

The wiring was flimsy, and could have sparked a fire in the popular mall.

Total mass stonage! (agnfarb)

far out. imagine the miles-long contact high. oh,wowie. and pass the mrs fields cookies.

Profits at Auntie Ann's and Cinabon are also tanking.

Dave leaves town.
Pot growing operation found.


Did the headline disturb anyone? Where have all the editors gone?

Pot Grow House Bust

Med, they're probably stoned.

I was going to say something after I finished looking at the pictures from the 2009 Dolphins Cheerleader Calendar Shoot...

Well, helllooo Siouxie!



Siouxie, is that you or have you been possessed by Mr. Bill? ;)

Maybe it could have been smoked as everyone sheltered from Gustav, which just formed. NOAA says it's going near the Keys, but the models are all over the place, so who knows?

Nah, Med. Just my reaction to yet another storm out there. Thanks, Jolly! geez.

More hunkerin' to come.

If anyone needs me, I'll be out shopping at Mall of the Americas buying some bleach.

Florida Pot. It's not just for breakfast, anymore.

Time to start panicking again, People of Miami! Chop, chop! No time to waste! Gustav's on our collective asses!

Yoyu know the drill: Purchase and Hunker.

Sioux, could you pick me up some bleach and doobies while you're there?

Phil, tell the models to evacuate immediately. They have no business posing in a hurricane.

Yes Med, the headline is really weak.

Waaaaay back in the day, I recall waiting out Hurricane Elena on FL's west coast with an abundance of doobage. It were great! I think there was swimming...

Med & Cheese, (which, come to think of it WBAGNFARB, or a new deli sandwich):

Good points on the headlines, but even the subhead:

"Marijuana Plants Could Fetch At Least $3,500 Per Pound" So the cops are going to sell them????

This wouldn't have happened in Rabbit Hash.

True story: I once worked in a department store where the security loss prevention agents had caught a shoplifter because they were waiting for a pizza delivery...and had their cameras pointing in that area.

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