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August 31, 2008


Dave's professionally-trained eyeballs are on the job.


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Excellent as always, Dave!

(And FIRST!)

Face it Dave, the Republicans are just not going to be as funny as the Democrats so you're going to have to work harder...at finding new McCain house jokes.

Good start so far, by the way.

Dang, Dave, wickedly funny column.

Thanks to all the political types who consistently provide outstanding blog-fodder.

Good column, Dave! PLenty of cheap shots at democrats and republicans to satisfy everybody.

Where's the beer?

Dave has learned that to write good humor, one must suffer. I mean, what a fun time you will have there!

Thanks for insider's political commentary, Dave. It almost makes the whole process bearable.

Now, leaving aside the intricacies of inspired governance for another time, I move that daisymae's question be taken into serious consideration.

Speaking as a Canadian, Dave is correct....we have already quietly annexed Minnesota, and we are currently working on Montana. Montana should be "completely Canadian" in a matter of a few months.

You see...several years ago, many of us wanted to join the US. After being rebuffed, we changed strategy, figuring if we cannot join them, we will buy them...

So...it has been a bidding war between us and China...

Oh and by the way....we'll take California...but you guys get to keep San Francisco...

One question yet remains unanswered - how many of McCain's homes are in the path of Gustav and will contraflow be initiated for them?

*quietly slips Celine Dion, Twitney, and Pittsburgh into Montana*
Order up! No refunds!


Annie...you really, really know how to stick a spoke into the wheel of a prospective deal....

pssssssst Annie?? don't forget BM

Awesomely funny column, Dave!

Btw, Jeff?? we SO can be as dorky as you guys!!!

Just cover them with permafrost and shove a pipeline up their Saskatchewan - you'll hardly notice 'em.

Although Annie...given that Montana would inevitably be part of Alberta, and given that Alberta is currently on the track for a $16 billion budget surplus (because of oil revenues)...I'm thinking a number of people in Montana wouldn't mind sharing in the government cheques that they send out on an annual basis.

Although personally, as a CDN conservative, I don't like the concept of government cheques...

*Not to be picky or anything butt, me thinks Afkat should learn how to spell the word checks, eh???*

Don't be so hard on him, eh, Siouxie. He's only spellin' it the way the queen told him to.

Annie, c'mon. Pittsburgh's OK. Not nearly as great as Philly, but OK. As my son said to me leaving Ohio on a soccer trip, "Can't we trade off Ohio to the Canadians for some timber land?"

This is a great column, political humor as it should be written.

Afkat may verify this, but part of MN is cut off from the rest of the state and by land is reachable only through Canada. I think it's called Northwest Angle. The citizens have wanted to become part of Canada, and their own congressman once introduced a bill to permit that secession.

Dagnabbit, I got caught by the Webkins for Munchkins at the bottom of the page. My munchkin isn't that little anymore and I wonder if they really do want her.... Anyway, good luck with that third eyeball thing, Dave....

Great column Dave. Are you going to have a question and answer session while you are there?

(Hi Renee (the First) Are you going to the Miami Hunt? Can I be on your team?)

I just returned from a 12 day trip to Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver - awesome, eh! The most gorgeous scenery I've ever witnessed...and the best people watching experienced - especially Gastown. Altho, why couldn't I find a liquor store!?! The gas stations had wine and beer...but where do I get my vodka???

Dave - thank you for a great laugh!

Gustav couldn't have come at a better time!

my sister once was attacked by a moose....

As to McCain's choice, he needed to think more of Ron Paul, yeah, "Mo' Ron, Mo' Ron, Moron!"

OOOPPPSSS! Throws "' R" up to last post..." then pulls it down again quickly...

queensbee, are you referring to this?

WHAT??? that was supposed to post under "Ralph, the Wonder Llama" Do quotation marks not go past the bot?


*finishes building stall for pretty, sparkly zebra*

*orders 100lb bag of Zebra Chow*

hey punkin', won't tell you how to vote or how to to believe, just want to remind you of

Google ad at the bottom of the page when I read it:

Barry University is an International Catholic University in [Miami Shores, Florida]

most definitely, ralph. at least i wont have been sacked for it....

Hey, Jan! Nah, can't make it to the Miami Hunt, I'm afraid, but if you come back to the D.C. Hunt, there's always room on the team for you!

I'm confused. Is there ever a good time for a hurricane?

A good time for a hurricane is when you are traveling to your brother's wedding which you don't want to go to anyway, and you get stuck in Chicago and get to go back home.
Not that this ever happened to me.

Hey Renee! If they have another D.C. Hunt, I'll be there.

Frodo - If McCain offers me a Unicorn AND a Zebra, I'll vote for him.

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