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August 25, 2008


Put your hands together for Mayor Hickenlooper and The Spittoons


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Hurray! Dave is back!

We've been waiting on tenterhooks (whatever those are) all day for this, Dave.

Even though you did forget to mention that Delegate Flatulence WBAGNFARB.

Oh yeah, Hickenlooper.

Dangit, Dave, quit perpetuating the notion that our airport is in west Kansas!

It is, in fact, located in southwest Nebraska.

Damn! What time is it in Denver anyhow?? Here I was planning to watch the convention tonight, and now Dave's gone and given away all the grating boredom suspense. Now I guess I'll just have to pop some corn and turn on TruTV who's showing 2 straight hours of bikinis Beach Patrol. Thanks a whole lot, Dave ... !

gotta love -- hickenlooper. and they voted for him. they must be cool.

Absolutely, WD! And Dave, you made it in less than a day? You must have been able to avoid the police, who are all at the convention making great time.

I always thought that was Sam Kinison song.

frodo: cye

"...with speeches by three or four dozen important Democratic party dignitaries."

This would read better if it said, "three or four dozen important Democratic party dingleberries."

But then Dave may be saving that word for the next convention.

Is no one going to stomp and cheer over the fact that Charlie Gibson opened ABC World News Tonight by quoting Dave's preamble in his last (not this) column???? Whoops! I've been caught watching mainstream news again... Sorry...

"important Democratic Party..." whatever.

servants of the public. right.

They're shuttin' down I 25, so thousands of citizens, simply tryin' to get to work and pay their taxes will have to find alternate, vastly more time-consuming routes...

The arrogance of these people is staggering.

OMIGAWD, that really is the mayor's name!


I thought Dave made it up and didn't figure any of us would notice.

Strange, there has been no mention of Tom Tancredo!

Hey, Wyo!

Yeah, I'll be around on those dates you'll be in town, so let's you, me, and WriterDude all get together and go have a drink somewhere!


But, Wyo -- how could Obama follow up his speech by walking across the surface of the South Platte with all that traffic in his way?

(For non-locals, I-25 is between the stadium and... never mind.)

WD will have to decline, as he's previously engaged. however, I'll certainly make some time, send me an email with a cell number or some other means of catchin' up to you...


Lynn, while I have never met Mayor Hickenlooper despite the facts that A) I was front row and backstage at that Remainders gig Dave mentioned, and B) Hizzoner and I have a couple of mutual friends, I can confirm that he does in fact have a loopy name.

I swear I am not making this up.

Well, um, here's the deal Wyo... My ISP is with Comcast, the upper managers of which should all be routinely taken out and flagellated like albino monks censured for incompetency not correcting problems to the software used regarding their e-mail servers. i.e., when I got home this eve, your previous e-mail to me had been dumped so I don't have a link back to you, and I hadn't put you in my address book. Can you kick me another email, and I'll get you the info!

Yeah, frodo, I'm in St. Louis from the 7th to the 11th. Maybe I'll get to lunch with slyeyes again.


btw, *SNORKS* to the "walking on the South Platte" comment!!!

So much for your BOT, Wyo -- sorry. ;-)

got it! (and snatched it away from the bots before they could steal it!)


Dave would NEVER make up a name like that, as that could be construed as violating the STRICT POLICY this blog has of never making fun of people's names.

Whoa, is everyone so enamored with the Kennedy love fest that the blog is now stagnant?

No, wait -- I forgot "Deal Or No Deal" is supposedly and at long last giving away that million.

WriterDude, could be that it's dinner time in Denver...

Well, in Brighton we eat at 6:00. ;-)

late dinner...

Will you 3 boys get a room already???

SOME of us are trying to watch tv. sheesh!

*SNORKS* at Siouxie!!! (Don't worry, averted my face so the beer missed you!)

just for the record, Sioux, we're not on tv. (yet)

if you were truly watchin', you'd never have noticed us!

methinks perhaps, we three are irresistible. maybe?

oh YAY! Convention time!!! I can't wait till they sta ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

niters, Siouxie

what if both parties ditched the conventions, and sent the monies they didn't spend on them to the Red Cross?

what if?

This country is so screwed-up politically. I love American ideals. I despise the quagmire of BS that has developed.

just sayin'

"This country is so screwed-up politically. I love American ideals. I despise the quagmire of BS that has developed."

As a return favor, slides Wyo a Lagavulin (and reckons the blog bar is "open"...)

'Course, Wyo, Siouxie is gonna send us to our room(s) ahem, Siouxie, notice the "s" once again, but one day, Siouxie's gonna need a smooch, and me, with no Mrs. frodo, is the guy to give it to her... Cuba Libre!

Wyo, I disagree. If we didn't have conventions, we wouldn't be getting our Dave "fix".

And you blog boys are always ♪ simply irresistible... ♬

hmm...I like the way this name sounds.

Yeah, Siouxie, BAGNFARB...

WriterDude, maybe we know some of the same folks as I've known Mayor Hick for years, since before his Mayoral days anyway. I'll have to live vicariously through you now since I now live in the nation's capital. Who decided closing I-25 was a good idea? Tom Tancredo? Snork @ you for the South Platte crack!

without the distraction of meaningless conventions, Dave could focus on important things such as evil low flow toilets and insufficient beer production from such states as Utah and Bolivia.

never mind that Bolivia's not a state... it should be.

frodo, you will have to get yourself to Miami for that smooch. And...there are lots of available blogettes 'round these here parts.


How sad is it that I'm watching "The Girls Next Door" cuz everywhere else is showing that boring convention.

But Siouxie, does that leave the opportunity open?

Calling travel agent as we speak...

Got some Beeman's?

(If you don't understand that last reference, watch "The Right Stuff"...")

winks! and thanks!

You've been buds!!!

I'm gonna be there, my frisky olive.

Right Stuff? never saw that.

frodo, come on down for the Hunt! all the available blogettes will be in town!!


*jumps behind the blog bar and pours bali and me a glass of merlot*

*holds out empty glass.*

anything's better'n nuthin'.

Hey, Sioux, my last'un's a senior. Two semesters to go and I'll be empty-nesting like you. I thought I'd be yelling "WOOT", but I'm kinda not.

Hu nu?

*pours Wyo some Jamesons* Drink up, Cowboy. After those boots last night, I owe you a few!

aww Wyo! you get a double shot of Lagavulin

you've gotta love the blog bar!

bali it's good 'n bad/sad. I like my stress-free time but miss my baby muchly...both of 'em. Although letting go of #2 has been WAY harder.

We're getting you snockered on purpose. We have ulterior motives.

Hell, we always have ulterior motives.

On the up side...I'll have more time for ME. For instance, I reactivated my gym membership today and worked out for the first time in months. There was no hurry to get home a cook..etc.

Soooooooo I may be in shape by the time the HUNT 2030 comes along. WOOT!!

..get home AND cook...

damn wine

I can imagine, Siouxie. She works, besides going to school taking college-level courses, so I rarely see her as it is. Usually 5-10 minutes every night. But I know I'm really gonna miss her when her dog isn't pooping on my bedroom carpet.


Sioux, reality check...

at Hunt 2030, you and I are gonna have to send out for new dentures, trifocals and viagra vitamins.

life is short. Drink Lagavulin. or Jameson's, or Pendleton. hell, just find somethin'!


Well...thank GOD for those college level courses, bali. Kristen started college with 24 credits and as a SOPHOMORE. That's one free year of private art college or roughly $40K. Not too shabby. My oldest is jealous LOL

Silly Wyo. I'll have had so much Botox by then and stretched out my face so that my bellybutton will be in my forehead ..I'll look mahvelous.

Sorry, Siouxie, but if MSNBC is to be believed, the Rocky Mountain West is the center of the world this week. You would deny the three of us our time in the limelight?

Oh. Sorry. While you ladies were reclaiming this thread, Michelle Obama was replacing Halle Berry in my fantasies speaking.

Siouxie will have the Knob.

*snork* bali! YES!


I got, like, 'nuthin' on the "Hunt." Anyone wanna', like, fill me in? But, THANKS to everyone who's inviting me...

Then, my parents' 50th anniversary is coming up next year (technically May 31, but we're celebrating Good Friday at the Louisiana Crawfish Boil (all on the blog are officially invited, but I can't afford to cover any costs!)

I really appreciate all the bloggers supporting me through some tough times!

btw, I am SOOOOOOO sorry I've been away from the blog for a while, because... well, let's just say, *SNORKS* all around...!!!!

frodo, CYE.

Oh man. I can't WAIT for Hillary's speech tomorrow. I think I'll go have that root canal I've been putting off.

frodo? you know nothing of the Hunt??? go to "tropichunt.com" to get everything you need to know.

Yikes, Siouxie, i was thinking of being auddited. Thank chocolate I lost interest.

Sioux, check your email... some pictures need to be passed on.


an *snork* at the root canal comment. I'd rather have a vasectomy than hear Hillary ever again. ever.

Dang, Wyo, are you mad at me?

*takes out her machete and starts to sharpen it*

Did you say vasectomy??

(cye - toooooooooo cute)

'course not, bali, whatever would give you such a notion? You know I love ya!

Well, okay then, Wyo, just thought you were ignoring me. Never mind.

*slides another Jamesons to Wyo*

You NEVER saw "The Right Stuff"??? What decade you from, Siouxie? (no objections, just wundrin'?) (Wondrin' if that smooch we promised, you might want to withdraw [which I would not hold you accountable for]) No, I'd love you, fight for you, well..., ya' know, REALLY, I'd do lots for you. If ya' ever wanna' send a pic my way... your (not you're, decision...)

But if you don't remember that era, you are much younger than me. NTTAWRT, and maybe we can still meet under circumstances that the media would find acceptible, or maybe unacceptible...

buds, always!!

*going to walk my mongrels*

bali, you're in charge of the blogbar.

keep my seat warm

I live to warm your 'seat', good buddy!

frodo. there are lots of pictures here. Perhaps this link hasn't been blogged since you've been here. anything's possible...

for the last couple of years, we've been poolin' pictures for reference...

I do note that you're conspicuously absent...

Yeesh, Wyo, why you showin' off my inner fish?

Oh, wait, I like that pic.

any guy lucky enough to have collected such a collection (is that redundant?) of spiffy photos should take every opportunity to show them off... I've been a bit lax of late, apparently.

which reminds me, Halloween is comin' again... (yeah, whole nother year flown by), and we may need to post some new costume shots. last year was a lot of fun...

Wyo, we need to do that again. That was fun!

Anywho...I'm on the right coast and it's WAY past my bedtime.

Sweet dreams to all!

while y'all are plannin' your costumes/parties, however... I'm off to bed. old age is creepin' up on me, (apologies to Chief Dan George, of course), and has certain requirements.

Enjoy your evenin' and thanks for the distraction, while certain "important" people dominate the television air waves. (I'd rather watch 20 year-old re-runs of Hiraldo Rivera openin' Al Capone's empty vault, than see the Dems pat each other on the back.

maybe I should simply take an online spellin' course. whatever. y'all have a good night.

Going to bed with Siouxie and Wyo. Wait! Y'all know what I mean.

Denver is a modern and sophisticated city with huge... tracts of land.

*Fires up the espresso machine*
*Sets out doughnuts*

Yum, donuts.

Donuts were invented by Democrats. The Republicans take credit for the hole.

Figures, Annie. Full of fat ;-P


I'd smack you, Siouxie, but I cut my hand on Martinishark's ego.

The last time I put my hands together for a spitoon, it got pretty messy.

aww man. I like it when you smack me.

It's all Martinishark's fault. We'll have to punish him somehow.

Annie, I like the way you think. He may even like it.

I learned it all from you. Therapy is helping me forget, though.

And so I've done my job.

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