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August 29, 2008



As this sign explains, vehicles at the Greenest Convention Ever are fueled by Coors brand waste-beer ethanol.

John J. Regan


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'waste-beer'? I thought that was a felony.

"waste-beer ethanol"? So instead of tasting like p1ss, it tastes like p1ss after you've eaten asparagus?

Waste beer ethanol sounds like something we should be rioting about. I'll get the pitchfork, who's got the tourch?

Sooo, open containers are allowed in Denver? Cool!

soooo, let me get this right. 'waste-beer' and peddling a$$ make this the greenest convention ever? just checking.

Yeah, HENCE!

I like it. Cindy's making a profit selling her garbage to Democrats.

THIS is what those drummers should be protesting.

(DPC, you remind me of the classic Laugh-In lines: I've got the yoyo. I've got the string.)

*Boards Geezer bus*

*reads jd's post*
*random neuron fires*

I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates, you've got a brand new key...

*grabs tequila to kill neuron*

I thought those vehicles looked a little bit larger around the midsection . . . .

Sorry, fiv; I think you mean Pete Coors (Libertarin/Repub); still humorous, though.

Best smelling traffic jam ever.

Just heard Sarah speak. Some advice for Joe Biden for the VP debate:

1)Learn Urdu
2)Move to Pakistan
3)There is no 3.

LOL @ Cat & Hence!

Lotsa burpin' too, Annie.

Siouxie, me an' Annie both leftcha a couple funnies back on the last thread...

Wasn't she phenomenal, fivver??

hah! I saw those! My kitty could do that. He's sweet yet fierce.

btw, GREAT news for you Deadheads. I just read that the Grateful Dead is reuniting for Obama. Possibly even bringing Jerry back from the grave. This is HUGE.

That's nothing, I hear McCain's getting his old back-up group together too...

By the way, if you're looking for top-quality campaign snark, my man Bill Maher kicks off a new season on HBO tonite at 11 PM, with repeats on various HBO stations next week.


"it tastes like p1ss after you've eaten asparagus?"

Ummm, how would you know?

Unfortunately, Steve, we won't be able to hear them over the wailing and gnashing of teeth of these.

?? Didn't Stephen King write about those?

*smacks* Steve! stop yelling!

(ok..remind me later on ;-P)

Sadly, this is all starting to make sense.

A toast to Dave. Here's to more funny columns from the RNC. (My apologies in advance for the goofy music - Siouxie picked it.)

I'll take 2 gallons to go, please.

I hope they're using Coors Light. Otherwise, traffic might get heavy.

And now it is time for the Republican show, who have picked for their vice-presidential nominee a good looking woman, who knows how to use a gun. They can't lose.

Oh, Lord. Palin pronounced it "nucular".

Cat, it's like Obama said, a vote for McCain would just be carrying on the failures of the Bush administration...


Do you think she'll shoot Biden in the thigh?

Cat R, did you mean this?


I'm setting up the perimeter now!

frodolives, no, I meant her.

But now my brain hurts.

Well, it was there a minute ago. You get the idea.

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