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August 29, 2008


(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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"The Breeding Pathogens" WBAGNFARB...

There's a man who lives a life of danger...

♪...Cash-in-Buttocks Man...♫

Peter Abbott to Teenager Abbott:

"You think I'm made of money? What do expect me to do, just pull it out of m...

Well, looky here!"

Well, it's good to know exactly what an M25 ban is for. Cash in the buttocks.

cash secreted in his pants...
Was it secret or a secretion?

dern those bots!!! previous comment sent to previous link on previous post at previous time... dern 'em!

"280 pounds between his buttocks"...NTTAWWT.

"The court heard Abbott had 44 previous convictions and a drug problem."

Ya' THINK??????????

There are certainly worse things that could've been pulled from his buttcheeks.

*ahem* yes.

so he will steal closer to home. um, duuuuuh.

Let's hope he puts this behind him.

He'll sort it out in the end.

I heard about those crack addicts.

The CHEEK of the man!!!

Exactly, queensbee. There are a lot of stations putside of London where he can "work" his magic.

So he's an addict and they sentenced him to rehab? Do you suppose he might end up sharing a room with this guy?


Name for me ONE guy who does NOT have a sex addiction...

Maybe he didn't like to carry a wallet. Bulging back pocket and all, yanno?

Frodo, possibly the Pope? Or is that something we don't want to know ... ??

Steve, Given... bows respectfully...

Frodo, I believe the word you're looking for is "genuflects"...

Or at least according to Tom Lehrer...

How does a mathmatician get his cash out of his ass? He works it out with a pencil.

I'm guessing he's against change. Too uncomfortable.

And this is why your mother always told you to wash your hands after handling money.

My mom always made me wear gloves to handle money. But I think that was because of fingerprints. Hang in there, Mom. Your parole hearing is coming up soon.

I don't see what banning him from the "thumb" region of lower Michigan accomplishes, but I guess that's why I'm not a British judge.

For the life of me I can't understand why no one has posted to any of the threads in nearly an hour and a half. So all I can do before I head out is leave messages and hope people stumble upon them:

Siouxie, if you see this, this is a reminder about Bill Maher's show at 11 PM on HBO (as per your request);

and judi, a reminder (if you even saw my earlier post) that Maher's website lists Craig Ferguson as one of his guests tonight...

*sound of crickets*


*zaps in*

I guess everyone else has a life.

Thanks, Steve. Unfortunately I don't have HBO here in my room and I'm too lazy to go to the living room so I'll just have to catch it another time.

judi's probably drooling already.

private message to SuzyQ - CYE and voicemail RE: tomorrow's Kiltfest @ The Pub

I'm here, too, Siouxie. It's a nice, quiet house and I've been playing with my pups. I love nights like this.

awww...hey bali!! I'm chillin' with my vino ;-)

I drank too mas tequila last night, so I'm hanging with icy Smart water. I'm saving myself for a big cookout Sunday, when I can lay by my friend's pool and drink all her beer. Can't wait.

Private message to Siouxie: Email checked and answered. I'm in! (damn cellphone never even rang)

ahh...I hear ya.

We're having a blog/non-blog get together tomorrow at this English Pub..cleverly named "The Pub". A few of my non-blog friends and a few of our crazy local blog folk. Kilts will be worn by the wait staff so I'll take pics!

speaking of the crazies ;-P

(got it Suz!)

Abbott was filmed on CCTV stealing a coat

Those Chinese cameramen are everywhere.

Uh regarding the Pope and sex addictions... Cheech & Chong would like to have a word with you.

"She musta be a blind..."
"She musta be a deaf..."
"She musta hava REALLY BIG ____"

At 12 yrs old, theirs was the first album I ever bought; with money made returning Coke bottles. Walked in from school one afternoon... Mom had discovered it and had it playing on the record player when I walked in. I got in sooooo much trouble.

Good times. Good times.


"Mas Tequila" WBAGNFARB...

Crack, check or credit card?

And I didn't even know that buttocks had a between.

daisymae, I was bothered by that phrase, as well.

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