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August 28, 2008


How to pretend you give a care

(Thanks to Tim Smith)


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Butt I don't give a cr^^ care.
Besides, why vote for the lesser evil?

I give a...Hmmm. Do I care? I'm first...

Well, now I don't give a... DPC beat me to the punch...

*phone-fakes in lieu of comment*

You don't give a DPC? What a Deeply Philosophical Cra... oh, you were talking the first guy, way up there

This is obviously a blatant ploy by the Republicans to trick the Dems into not voting.

Or maybe I'm making all that up. Look, something shiny! Ooops, that was Carville's head. Run away!

He didn't even give the web address!!! I could have used that!

geesh, now i've got to pretend to care?

crossgirl's right. This is too much work. Can we hire someone to not care for us?

I mean 'pretend to care.' All this pretending to care is wearing me out so I can't even blog properly. I blame global warming. And change.

sits cup out on blog bar to accept donations of change.

Can I just pretend to change?

I'm napping.

*empties MOTW's pocket change into crossgirl's cup*

*points at something shiny, swaps cg's cup for an "I Voted" sticker*

Speaking of change, it's good to remember the words of Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr: "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." (the more things change, the more they stay the same)

I'm for endless sameness. A long and pointless toil without reward or hope.

Weird phychic simul with the Dr.

Wow - you two said the same thing at the same time. How different is that?

Although Siouxie really does need to change. Those earrings and that shirt...tsk, tsk....at least she's wearing a bra today.

Wow - that's great advice! Now I know how to pretend I give a sh!t!

When it comes to pretending to be interested in politics, I tend to vascillate between being apathetic and not giving a rat's @ss.

*sneaks back up and removes errant s with a shrug and a yawn.*

Well now...it just so happens that I'm also in the business of selling "care credits". Pay me, and I'll find someone who will care so that you don't have to.

Who's First!!

Who's ON First.

Sorry Al. I spent all of my allowance on indulgences.

Caring is a form of love. Love warms the earth. Beware, globe-dwellers!

Don't listen to Annie. Love away peoples. I've got enough cool to cool the whole planet.

Dr. Bob -- and all this time, I thought Neil Peart wrote that. ;-)

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