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August 31, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Apparently Mr. Blog has left everyone speechless.

there are just too many jokes in there. any discussion of gay balls should be held behind a brown paper wrapper....

well, any discussion of gay balls should be held in a brown paper wrapper....

Great, now the dweebs can be shot-down by twice as many students.

sorry. thought the first one didnt go thru, go thru.... grrr.

Has the world just gone completely weird?

I mean, you gotta sign a contract to have gay balls? Did they say that out loud to see how it would sound first?

I can't get past 'gay balls' without giggling.

(puts hands over ears and hums)

gay balls?? is that like schweaty balls?

Maybye they have little mirrors on them. Like this guy. Must be hard to walk, though.

Annie, I was thinking more along the lines of this...

"...a policy requiring couples of the same gender to sign contracts confirming they are homosexual."

You want me to put my Johnny Hancock where?

I can't get past 'gay balls' without giggling.
(puts hands over ears and hums)
That's one way to get past 'em.

I'll bet the competition for homecoming queen is pretty stiff.

This is just so ripe with joke material and I'm snickering.

But in a different vein, I'm wondering if they are requiring the straight couples to sign a statement that they are straight?

What a weird world in which we live.

*SNORKS* SW! Ooh, sweet sac bunt, 'though against my team... C'mon, ROX, bring 'er back!

fro...you really shouldn't use the term sac bunt in a thread about gay balls.

Come with me to the dance. We'll have a ball. Maybe four.

During my induction into the army, I didn't have to sign a contract to prove my alleigence to"Tender Genderism".
The doctor performing our physical examinations just asked one question,,,,He merely said,"Cough !"

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