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August 29, 2008


Unless you're having escargot.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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First to say "Yuck!"

Do they have to be live snails? Or can I use co-workers instead?

Does Guinness pretty much give out records for anything these days? That is the stupidest thing I've seen in a long time.

I agree, TNT. That was lame.

Could Dave win a spot in Guinness for most failed presidential bids? Or would that honor go to Nader?

Steve, maybe Pat Paulsen?

no Steve, I think HHH still holds the record.

"The Facial Snails" WBAGNFARB...

Give me a pint of Guiness...

yeah, she should be so proud. and i thought kids that age engaged in frivolous pursuits. silly me.

I think she goes in the first round of the draft... but that's me...

uh - wickedwitch, you might be confused. HHH - if you mean hubert humphrey - he was vice pres under johnson and ran for pres only once, in 1968. nixon did what nixon would and humphrey, too nice, never called him off. he lost in a close race
you might be thinking of harold stassen, who ran for pres about 10 times, the last when he was around 80 yrs old and with a terrible toupee.
sorry about the history lesson, i my training is as a social studies teacher. humphrey was the mentor of walter mondale, who was carter's vice pres, and then struck out on his own. another soft spoken man. humphrey was a senator from minnesota for about 15 yrs before becoming vice pres. before that he was atty general of his state. i think he died in the late 70s.

Speaking of Mondale, I watched him commentating on the PBS coverage of the convention. He looks damn good for 80.

Thanks, queensbee. I would have made that same mistake, so a little history lesson was welcome. The more you know, well, the more you know...

i could so beat that record!

crossgirl, so could these dogs.

umm, queens, get off it... that was over when I was 6, and I'm now 46... questions?...

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