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August 27, 2008


Here I am with Captain Morgan and his entourage, which is clearly a lot less excited about this photo opportunity than Captain Morgan is. Captain Morgan is here at the convention to remind people that they should drink rum be responsible.


Another celebrity I spotted here was this tooth:



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A little early for 'have a career like a pirate day' methinks.

I recognize that tooth! Man, John Edwards will do anything to get into that convention.

Be careful, Dave - you can't handle the tooth.

Wow! How can the Republicans top this? The best they had been hoping for was Private Parts and Dental Decay Man!

I was thinking the same thing, Moon. No way can they be funner. Dems put the 'f-u' in 'fun.'

Although it irks me that Capn' Morgan and his minions have arena passes and our Dave only sports a perimeter pass.

And wtfbbq with the two grumpy minions? They look like publishers.

Those gals with the Cap'n saw that British billboard.

The Repubs will have complete sets of teeth. And beers.

The one on the left looks like she should drink some Captain Morgan and loosen up.

No, Annie, they're supposed to look like Secret Service...

In actual practice, though, they're probably just tired of hauling his rum cask around.

Guess the dental guy is there for toothiness - or is that truthiness?

Dave, the backgrounds in these two shots teach a lesson on Denver, for this week at least: Stick around the Pepsi Center, you meet Captain Morgan. Hang out on the 16th Street Mall, you get bird porn and a tooth.

writer dude that's what i thought Capt. spiced rum, miss Drink Responsibly and two alchoholic beverage commision secret service agents

Glad to see you made it out, WD! :D

Cap'n & Coke! Is the blogbar open?

CJ: wtfhorsetrailerbbq??

Merely wonderin' why nobuddy in that foto has their leg lifted ...

Must not've been taping a commercial, eh?

Almost missed another thing worth learning here, Dave: The restaurant behind the tooth is Willie G's. Excellent steaks, and I recommend the bacon-wrapped scallops as well.

Rut Roh.....

Is His Daveness aware that he posed with the competition?

Barack Obama just became the first African American to get a major party nomination. I dont know what your politics are but I just have a feeling that somewhere Dr. King is smiling.

WD, I figure it's just the Denver Weirdness Magnet.

Yeah, 'cause he sure don't have much to smile about here in the Detroit area...

Dave, Could you get me Miss Onsibly's phone number? Is Onsibly in the Caribbean or the South Pacific? Did they send any delegates?

CJ, um, the horse trailer thing happened in Oklahoma, dinnit?

Is The Tooth holding a picutre of Dave? Is Dave Toothman of the Year or something?

What horsetrailer thing?

No disrepect meant for the politician at DNC, but I prefer the way Australian politicians handle interviews

Happy Jack wasnt old but he was a man. He lived in the sand at the isle of man.

Bali -- click the link in CJ's 6:05.

Thanks, WD.

Maybe he was being a horse's a$$.

God, I'm proud to be an Oklahoman. *sigh*

Maybe my bad; I saw Wagoner CO, but it may have been Wagoner Co., OK. It's not nearly as funny when you have to explain it. I'll just go look at other people's links and stand in this corner of the BlogBar, over here.

*stands next to CJ at blogbar, opens cold bottle of Harp* Dude.

Afkat -- that's bloody hilarious!

CJ, I'm not sure Colorado has a Wagoner. ;-)

LMAO, Afkat!

...and WD, I thought you would let it slide, since the guy in the story was 24.

Good to know cardboard and cellotape are out.

Meh, got botted.

Ato24, you couldn't be more wrong. MLK would not approve. Not at all. He disliked people like that.

LOL CJ. You saw Obamapolis??? pretty impressive, huh?

Naw, Sio, I don't even look at stuff like that; I just linked it.

I remember MLK and had a lot of respect for him. He would never have approved of this crap. When MLK was busy getting shot, the friends of the candidate building these monumental facades were blowing buildings and people up.

Nobody should ever invoke MLK and BHO in the same context. That's the exact opposite of what MLK stood for. We all know the words, and they meant something.

who is it who says, "Words mean things?"


just thinkin' (which is something most people don't seem to do during the DNC.)

And here I was thinkin' I came here to get away from politics. *grabs beer and heads off to eBay*

I'm certainly no Obama fan, but is anyone else reminded of the Stonehenge prop in Spinal Tap when they see his little stage?

*trips bali & grabs beer*

bali's right. We should be talking about more important issues such as bird p0rn ;-P

bird p0rn, Wyoming style.

Sorry, bali. I try to be apolitical on the Blog, as do most. I let all of the snide stuff pass, but somethings cannot be allowed to pass, without a response.

When I was growing up, when families in America were trying to get their kids to brush their teeth and go to bed, my American family was all locked down in separated bed rooms, behind iron bars, doing radio checks with the Marines. Every where we moved, a tiny contingent of Marines guarded all Americans. It has always been about quality and determination, as far as I could see.

As much as I love you guys, I will never hide my admiration and respect for the Few and the Proud, the people terrorists try to hide from, then bomb.

Do war hawks wear dick cheneys?

I wouldn't know.

However, I considered posting your question to War Hawk sites and getting an answer. Butt, looking at it, it wasn't your best effort, so I'll just say to my good friend Annie:


psssst CJ??? I think Annie's watching the Spankeeps/BoSox game at the moment and may not be too happy

Sooooooooooo what's new??

Redneck news from Wyo's neck o the woods.

War hawks are p!ssed that we didn't enter the Poti Harbor. I'm trying to convince them that our move towards Batumi was very smart.

I'm not a War hawk; I grew up with bombs being dropped on my elementary school, in Laos, because my family lived in Laos. We had a fake zoo of stuffed animals out back of my house that was very popular, but we got bombed. I also tried to jump off the top story of that house with a tablecloth attached to my back, because a napkin worked for my GI Joe doll, so we can't blame others for our own stupidity. (I could write an entire book about just my broken bones, during the course of my life; it would be a humor book). I think I once told the story, on the Blog, about when my school was bombed and I was the only casualty; completely true. None of my made up stories are that funny.

Annie, I'm just a normal person with an abnormal life experience. That's why I love John Adams and James Madison, because they sought to protect the truly helpless!

the tooth is saying 'a plaque on both your houses!'

Hey, peeps!

Sorry I'm late... What did I miss?

Oh, (or should I say, "OMG!")... bird porn, walking teeth, Cap'n Morgan... this should be good! Give me a chance to go back and read up on some of your comments!

Spankees/BoSox? Just how far are those teams behind the Rays? Oh, I know, at least 4 games.

I'm not a baseball fan because, well, basically baseball sucks, butt the Rays are kicking Yankee and BoSox rear.

Well, frodo, not a banner night for humor. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

OK, I'm so tired my eyes are just crossing; I have to get some sleep. I wish I could have stuck around for Annie to get back, but I need rack time.

I'll leave you with this, somebody I trust and have followed and supported for years. Michael Totten is no Republican, war monger, like me. I believe this is accurate, because I was pulling fragments of news out of Georgia 3 weeks ago, that I could get no confirmation on. Please, give it a read and judge for yourself. While I go dream of teeth and rum:



Niters, CJ!

*grabs CJ's hand and puts it in bowl of warm water*

*takes Sharpie and paints Dali mustache on his face*

*shaves his legs*

*rubs black eyeliner on viewfinder of CJ's binoculars*

*puts 'Honk if you love Barry Manilow' sticker on bumper of car*

*eats the rast of the ice cream in CJ's freezer*

*admires handiwork & ^5's bali*

We done good, amiga!!

That was sweet , Siouxie!

hehe! sure was, bali!

I'm off to bed though. All these shenanigans have made me sleepy.

Have a great night, smooch!

G'night to you, too, Hunny! Smooches backatcha!


The mood I think you are trying to capture is here...


The mood I think you are trying to capture is here...

CJ: Did you actually say up there that while MLK was speaking, friends of Obama were blowing people and buildings up? WTF? Are you one of those who believes he's a Muslim or something stupid like that? Or did I miscontrue?

I just read this, Ms. Q, is this what you're referring to?

(sorry, sudden interruption here)

Are there any Forum people here? Will someone tell Clean Hands that his website is down?

(sorry, thanks. Resume discussion)

See? This is why I went home. Somebody killed the thread. (You know who you are.)

The tooth is there representing the Molar Majority.

He was protesting the decay of society.

He got arrested and the police gave him a cavity search.

But while being extracted from the scene away, he made some incisive comments.

That other 'Betsy' just made a mistake in her post.
God, I hate her.

The tooth was undercover as an implant.

He was part of the Bridge to the Future.

He was there to take a bite out of crime.

Somebody is actually trying to posit that MLK would be against Obama??

Wow. That would be a stretch.

the tooth shall set you free.

Anyone want some gum?

Toss me a handful, Siouxie.

Captain Morgan has the right idea with his security details...know what I'm syin?

The FC

Nice hair, FC.

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