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August 31, 2008


Man tries to cut off arm inside Modesto restaurant

Incredibly, drugs may have been involved.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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ahh, the joys of cocaine.

You'll never hear (or read) of something like that at Waffle House.

drunks peeing in the parking lot maybe but no cocaine psychosis.

FIRST to *snork* at the last line: "...the restaurant closed for the evening to clean up

One Grand Slam breakfast, please. Hold the ketchup.

Ya think?

".....but a lot of patrons didn't know what was going on."

when I eat at denny's, I try to remain clueless too. it's better that way.

not just drugs, but ALOTTA drugs.

Having once stopped for the night at Modesto (Hey, someone has to!) Mrs. PirateBoy and I ate dinner at this exact Denny's. Guess what hotel we stayed at? Good guess. It was one of the creepiest places we've ever stayed. Lots of shady characters lurking in the parking lot. We can only assume they must have been journalists.

wait a minute PirateBoy - our exalted & revered blog, & next POTUS is a journalist, and he's not....... oh, never mind.

"La Quinta," Spanish for "Next to Denny's"

I know it's old, but still cracks me up!

"I'd give an arm and a leg an arm for some bisquits and gravy!!"

reaches up to replace "q" w/ "c" in bisquits

Who ordered the elbow macaroni with chicken fingers and hearts of palm?

I wonder if Mr. CokeHead said "I'd give my right arm to go to Denny's right now...."

(Sorry, had to take a stab at a bad pun)

You know that the police wanted to confiscate everything as evidence, right? "The right to keep and bear arms..."

(OK, I gotta hand it to this guy. Literally)

He was almost unarmed.

Paging Dr. Kimball, Dr. Richard Kimball...

And to think, he was just 2 blocks from the hospital where they would gladly have charged him an arm and a leg to cut off the wrong arm...

I love the map and directions on the page.

The map is so you will go to the right Denny's. The Waffle House down the street has Disco Dick as a headliner in the lounge.

and grabbed a butter knife off a customer's table.....

heh, butter knife......

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