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August 10, 2008


There is a wide selection of merchandise for sale featuring Mao, Che, and pandas.


Next door you have your smoking pipes.



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Maybe it's a case of Mao Che Tsung

Wow...hookas and bongs. Really? I need to be in China. These things just don't go along here in a red state. Or maybe they do and I haven't been invited to that party yet.

Hopes are High!


so i guess the chinese dont ban cigarette smoking in restaurants, etc. and never mind the eggrolls dave, bring me a che backpack. this explains the chinese - theyre just stoned. no wonder they want to eat scorpions.

In keeping with the theme, does that mean Pandas are Commies too?

They use their cuteness to infiltrate the hearts of the American people. That's how they getcha.

*sets up Commie Panda perimeter*

that's not a store display, it's a picture menu.
mmmmmmmm, panda!

Those are the most Chinese-looking Che Guaveras I've ever seen.

They probably sell lead pipes.

*snork @ margaritaville*

Just keep the smoking pipes away from the Kongming latents.

we love Che stuff in our family... my ex is a fan ;)

Scorpion-on-a-stick. I dunno. Lacks a certain je ne sais quoi?

OTOH - Great Pictures! Too bad Dave can't see the blog while he's in China.

Anybody else see Michael Phelps win the 200m IM last night? I love to watch him swim, win, etc. He's so great with his Mom.

I just realized that the scorpions on a stick were on an earlier thread. Oh, well.

Those Mao, Che and Panda items look like they've been stored in a warehouse for 30 years waiting for this very moment.

ugh. Don't get me started on Che. Is there a Che on a stick???

(sorry...Cubans don't like him very mucho ;-))

But I love pandas! And hookas. There are some hooka places here in Miami. Never been but my niece has.

daisy, I missed that one. He's incredible! I hope he gets his 8 gold.

*watching basketball now*

I think Che would both be flattered and kinda weirded out seeing his picture over the Chinese red star.

Hookahs, Guevaras and Maos, oh my!

I think there is a clever Chinese entrepreneur (spell that word this early in the morning!) who is sending his leader a subliminal message.

Hoops update:

US 81
China 50

Ah so, Siouxie, you have the advantage of the Eastern time zone. Guess I can stop watching now.

oops...so sorry, WD.

I won't tell you the final score. Suffice it to say the Prez already left the stadium and Yao Ming stopped playing ;-)

No worries, Siouxie. I'm sure I would lose interest as soon as it became a laugher the Prez did.


Proud to have Dwayne Wade over there representin' Miami.

And also, you've freed me up to go hit the website without fear of spoilers. Basketball spoilers, anyway. ;-)

For the record, if Dave put this in Caption Contest on purpose, my 11:31am comment stands as my official entry.

When I was a little kid a friend of my parents thought it the height of hilarity to give me a tiny little kid size T-shirt with the face of Mao on it.
As a kid I remember loving the charge "grown up's" seemed to get out of it and requested pretty frequently that I be dressed in my "Mount Saint Tounge" shirt.
I think my parents grew tired of the joke pretty quickly and the shirt eventually wound up "lost".
All for the best, I'm sure...

But Siouxie, the Cubans who live in Cuba LOVE Che (or else they get shot), right?

/OT... a book I think you would love... "Two Wheels Through Terror" by Glen Heggstad. It's about Columbia, not Cuba, but think you'd be sharpening your machete after reading it... /BOT

Caption for the China Tourist Ministry: "See China! See Greay Wall! Eat scorpion! Buy T-shirts of Mao and Che! Meet Dave Barry at Olympic games! We buy lots of oil, drive up prices, become loved by world as "friendly communists." Citizens here smoke in stores, but not in U.S." (Something is wrong, very wrong...)

This goes to show when you hold commies in high regard your whole country will go to pot!

This is my first time visiting your blog and i must say i like it a lot.
Your article was a good read.
I will definetly come back here more often!


I agree with hooka. ....
I just said that. Ok.
If someone brought a Che bookbag to my school, they'd get lynched. It'd go something like:
Something or other.

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