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August 19, 2008


A Chatham woman was to be in court today for a bail hearing after she allegedly bit a pet-store owner in a bid to flee after stealing some hamster food.

This has been your Canadian Crime Update.


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I blame the p0rn.


Into the cage with her!

Hmmm....I got nothing.

did they have any parrots?

This is what happens when you dabble in magic without knowing what you're doing...

Obviously, someone turned their hamster into a woman and then left the door open.

By the way, has everyone seen this:


More proof of Darwin's theory, I'm telling ya....

clark's linky

And, to answer your question. Yes ;-P

Darwin missed another one.

Actually, clark. I thought it was you at first. But I'm sure you have better aim.

That Stephanie Plum is a tough broad.

Thanks again, Siouxie....

I will learn how to do that linky thing one day. Right after I've mastered parallel parking and figured out the in field fly rule...

Not anytime soon, mind you.... but one day.

Here, and I thought that the only crime in Canuckland was not being polite and not saying 'eh' after every sentence.

SNORK @ Martini... Rex has access to a gun -- it's in the cookie jar.

Ok, Clark, one more time: If a runner is on First and Second, or First, Second, and Third, and there there are less than two outs, then you pull up with your front tires parallel to the rear tires of the other car, then go to Linky Maker and the runner is automatically out.

She should have concealed it in her cheeks; either pair.

Meanwhile, I tried Hammie's method and I ran over a hamster.

Huh. I tried Hammie's method and got this.

Martini - just be glad it wasn't Ranger that was doing the biting.

True, but I doubt anyone would have the stones to stop Ranger if he wanted to waltz out of a store with hamster food.

I would volunteer to do the strip search on him.

*snork* @ Meanie's links!

Oops...I'm done hunkerin' till the next tropical flutter devastating storm.

Siouxie, even the Weather Channel is giving up on this storm. Although they are holding out hope for it to go to sea and turn into a hurricane. You can tell their hearts aren't really in it.

All these Janet Evanovich plugs, and she's not even in the Rock Bottom Remainders!

Then again, if Amy Tan had ever written any decent Canadian hamster porn, she'd have scored tons of free promotion.

It's just not a devastating hurricane of cataclysmic catastrophical biblically purported devastationism without that guy who always surfs in the storm! Or Rod Challenger stuck by the Gulf in a the horrid wind and rain shouting into his mic in vain about the dangers of doing so.

Exactly, Jan! Now they're looking at a scenario where it goes out to sea, reforms into a hurricane and turns back around to hit Florida...again. It's like they're disappointed that it just flew by??


ww - I'd be HAPPY if it was Ranger doin' the biting, IYKWIM. AIKYD.

And eilbe - I don't know if Rex can reach the cookie jar from the soup can. Bob could, though. He could reach it through 2 locked doors if he wanted. Lula would just use it to stash her Cluck in a Bucket haul.

...which reminds me. Do you suppose Gwyneth ever plays "Apples to Apples?"

Well Biggin we did have one extremely moronic brave kite surfer get blown a few hundred yards out of the surf and down the roadway. And the cameraman told how he and his reporter somehow had their lives endangered as this guy was slammed into an embankment.

Oh yeah. Update on that moron poor surfer. He's in critical condition.

Fay 1
Surfer dude 0

For those who missed the film of the moronic...err... brave kite surfer get blown away the video is here

My goodness, Canada is just so dangerous. I'm afraid to visit there now.

Fay 1
Surfer dude 0
Number of links to surfer dude 3

Number of links wins the gold!

LOL Afkat, I believe we have...that's gotta be a record here - Superman Surfer Dude's video links. If he gets out of the hospital with minimal brain damage, he'll be so embarrassed.

The guy filming the kitesurfer says, "All of the sudden there was this wind, and all this rain..." Dang, I'm in IN and I asked my son about the hurricane off the coast of FL LAST WEEK (after you guys mentioned it). Damn, dude! Watch the news for a change!

Whoa, Bob.

Bob: shhhhhhh; Sio sent that in to the Blog, so we all have pretend to be aghast if it gets posted!

ebb: That's soooo Indiana of you. You don't understand that when we get storms people go to the beach to surf and do other crazy stuff!

*retracts 02:39 PM post*

Sometimes we go to the beach to sink our boats/cars/sofas! Oops - did I say that out loud?

Biggin: You forgot about rooftop parties Hurricane Watches.

Gerbil-food-stealing lady's husband, which explains a lot.

Makes me proud to live in South Canada - eh, I mean Nebraska.

I married a shrew.

Ahhh, yes. The "Hurricane Watches". What a fun, er intense time it can be. Intensely watching the cocktail glasses - I'm mean the rain gauge, watching the guys salivate over all those little news cuties on the battery operated tv - the ones you never see any other time but during a storm, the policeman driving slowly down the road shouting on his PA advising people to evacuate and we raising our glasses to him - I mean waving - Darn! I'm so mixed up today!

CJ, I'm sure Dave or judi will be thanking "everyone in the known universe" for sending that in. At this point, it's old news ;-P

Damn name bot.

Potty mouth.

Siouxie, it's not so much a "Cone" now as a Comma, a Sharp Left, or a "7", which apparently the Australian judge will never give us...

it's the cone of gloom 'round here.

Belated snork at Hammy! Thanks... I've got it all down now...

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