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August 28, 2008


No, really.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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notice it's above the urinals? If it were in the stalls, next time the paper ran out....

I guess you guys gotta look at something. It's not like you can read...I mean, it's not a hands-free environment...never mind.

Some men's restrooms have ads in the same location. I suppose this is better.

OT, but has anyone started panicking over Hannah yet?

Would that make him their #1 Most Wanted?

Did you notice the Sherriff's name?

Does anyone else see the irony in recognizing a child molester while holding your...nevermind.

Nice catch, Jamie!

I guess this is better than pee on the lookout.

sure phil, all the people in new orleans.

SNORK @ cheesewiz!

But how do the female deputies...

...never mind.

I never saw those, I was too busy plying "Chopper pilot keeping the spotlight on the getaway car" with a cigarette butt.

I think he stole this idea from Arthur Anderson, where rumor has it they used actual Enron stock certificates as toilet paper.

Bosco - not certificates....they used actual brokers.

Phil wrote: "...has anyone started panicking over Hannah yet?"

Once tried getting tickets to one of her concerts. Our household was all a-twitter... so, yes.


this should do it

They had PSAs up in Québec in the mid-'90s ; they called it le média indétournable -- the media you can't turn away from.

Some sports bars have TV's in the same location. Don't get too excited over the play--AWWWWW! Yuk!

Also, would "Meart Justus" BAGNFARB?...

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