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August 30, 2008


It is so here.

(Thanks to Steve Haller)


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her pet’s wings were the result of stress from too many females desiring to mate with him

*waiting for Just Ducky to flap in and explain this*

snork @ fivver

(I'm just waiting (not weighting) for Dave to weigh in (not way in) on McCain's VP choice)

Hey - this very same thing happened to me after liposuction!

"One cat owner, identified only as Feng"

yeah, proll'y a good idea...


New at Hooters: Kitty Wings!!

OK, you fooled me good with the buffalo wings, but cat wings?? I'm not buying that ...

Um, the cat in the picture is a calico. Aren't they all female? Maybe that is what is causing the stress. NTTAWWT

As disturbing as this is, I'd be more worried if it'd happened to a pig.

Sounds like something they would cook up and serve to foreign journalists as "food".

"wings were the result of stress from too many females desiring to mate with him"

So most human males will never sprout wings I guess....

"Cats with wings can be explained through several scientific explanations, including leg deformities, huge mats of hair or a condition known as feline cutaneous asthenia..."

Or by a really long-haired cat having its fur trimmed except for a couple of "wings."

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