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August 24, 2008


Guys have priorities.

(Thanks to Cynthia)


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Well, he already (presumably) has a Florida license, he practices safe sex, so what's the problem?

Oh yeah. the whole drive through the wall thing.

Could alcohol have been involved, perhaps?

hiding in some bushes... *SNORK*

I blame it on his new ring tone...

the disease is still largely taboo like, they want to to be accepted?

drags down first "to" and inserts "it" in above post...

Sure he practices safe sex, but he wasn't wearing his seatbelt.

There's a "Trojan horse" joke in here somewhere...

If he came up with $5,250 bail, why couldn't he buy the condoms?

he was found a short time later hiding in some bushes.

No doubt that's what the condoms were for.

kathybear, i believe the store was actually closed at that very red hot moment.

and, i think he must have finally gotten a date with his (now historic) prom queen. ;)

Police identified him as the man who broke into the store using surveillance footage.

I'm pretty sure he broke (haha) into the store using his truck, not surveillance footage.

*SNORKS* Bosco!

Bosco, I think the "Typo vigilantes" need to be alerted emediately!

Herdmann was arrested and charged with commercial burglary and heavy pettting theft.

There are just too many inuendoes in that story.

I hope his girlfriend thinks having flashing lights shine through the bedroom curtains creates a sexy atmosphere. She might think the earth is moving but it's just the SWAT team knocking down the front door.

did this man in fla take his viagra minutes before he drove into the drive-in store? or was he just plain too rigid?

Really great post as always Mr Barry ! Thanks and see you soon...

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