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August 24, 2008


Sprinkles Cupcakes, a California purveyor of mini-cakes beloved by Hollywood stars, has accused rival Famous Cupcakes of stealing its trademarked "Modern Dot" cupcake design to lure away clientele.

(Thanks to Cynthia)


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yum-- red velvet cake!

Amazingly, unless anyone else on the blog is smarter than me, (i.e., EVERYONE else on the blog...), there is not a single GNFARB in that article! Waiting for you smarter bloggers to let me know what I've missed!!!!

I am putting word out now that anyone who puts a small square, with an even smaller square in the middle of that square, on top of a cupcake they will be hearing from our lawyers. We are also filing papers to copywrite numerous other geometric shapes atop our pastries. Our parallelogram mini cake will be a huge seller.

Sharkie, I first read that as "geometric shapes atop our pasties". (NTTAWWT)

Who doesn't love cupcakes?

But what does ʘTarget think of this?

Silly Siouxie, you know pasties are supposed to be circular.


Siouxie, "geometric shapes atop our pasties"? Looks more like "pasties" atop cupcakes...NTTAWWT either, seeing as how they are edible. - one hopes...

Siouxie - me too. Snork!

frodo, Modern Dot WBAGNFARB

a little weak, but I can see it, Cynth... probably more like a techno band, but I'll give it a pass...

I thought Sprinkles Cupcakes was a GNFAPS (Porn Star)

And I didn't know Hindus liked cupcakes.

Great point, OM! Wasn't thinking along those lines... (for once...), but great pointers, nonetheless!

Just thinking outside the box, Mr. Olives.

Outside, or inside the box?

jus' askin'...


OK, I was going to rant that nobody should be able to copyright nipples, then I figured that was too tacky for this blog, but now I see I sorely underestimated you folks. Especially Siouxz, who must be especially sore if she really wears those things.

I first thought this was a story of the DNC.

"There's more important things... than fighting over a dot."

...says the dot thief...

Back to the DNC.

pad, no I don't ;-P

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