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August 28, 2008


...containing many fine names for rock bands:

Lovelorn Musk Ox
Mid-afternoon Confrontation
The Mushers
Plowing Down the Rifleman

(Thanks to Ben Coats)


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My favorite: Sheshalik Spit.

Y'all, what is that weird noise that sounds like a tiny spacecraft is zooming past my ear every now and then? I've closed everything else.

Foundering Beast. Definitely

That sound is the mating call of a musk ox.

Ah. Never mind. I don't hear anything.

Al Gore did WHAT to a dog? With a musk who?

The most amazing part is that this occurred in Anchorage, Florida.

Shooting first and talking later are words we can all die by.

bali, three days after I heard that sound on this site, my speakers died. My BRAND NEW speakers. You have been warned.

bali, Suzy Q: ruh-roh. I've been hearing that sound for a couple of days now. I just hit the mute button.

Ok, I've heard it too. On this site. Really.

I mentioned that noise a couple of days ago -- we're all hearing it. I think it night be an advertising widget -- maybe the Laser Eye surgery ad on the blog main page? It comes and goes, but so does that particular ad. It's just a guess.

My speakers are fine, but that noise is enough to drive you batty.

This isn't like that movie "The Ring", is it? Yikes.

Well, my speakers are on and all I heard is Jags up over the Redskins, 7-0.

Al Gore did WHAT to a dog? With a musk who?

Al had nothing to do with it. But Tipper finally knocked the savage beast over.

Yikes, indeed, bali. I have to go take a shower now and shave the annoying tentacles that sprouted from my elbows a couple of days ago. Shhhhhhwwwwiiiieeesssshhhhaaa!

Firefox browser + AdBlock Plus = no ads, no buzz, no cost.

(There's my good deed for the day. Somebody slide me an I.P.A.?)

Can't hear you over the ringing, WD. Shhhhhhwwwwiiiieeesssshhhhaaa!

Plus I don't even know what an 'IPA' is, although I think I smell a beer snob. ;p

Hey! Apparently shaving my elbows (and rebooting my computer) solved all of the speaker problems!

You may take to to your leader now.

IPA = India Pale Ale (because, when you think of ale, you think of India. And pale).
Tampa Bay 7, Tennessee 3
Jags 17, Redskins 3

...and, oh yeah there's something going on at the Bronco's field, as well.

In a stunning development, all of the Tennessee players ran off the field and have now been replaced by the Houston Texans.

CJ, Bronco's 17, Obama 0 at the half!!!!

"A musk ox raging through Cyrus Harris' dog yard took two shots from a high-powered rifle"

Amazing feat, considering musk oxen do not have opposable thumbs!!!!

Reminds me of Captain & Tenille's "Musk Ox Love"

Love...love will keep us two heifers...

♫Musk ox, musk ox by... candle light... do it in the microwave is, doin' it right, for a reason, it's so pleasin',... you can slice, you can dice or filet them, cut off their heads and sauté them, livin' like they live in a bunch... looks like musk ox luuuu-nnnncccchh!"♫

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