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August 25, 2008


Who will be mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY?


(Thanks to The Perts and Michelle in Houston)


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And the award for the most dog puns in one article goes to...

McCain's choice for Veep?

Rucy Roo!!

Aww he looks like my Shadow.

There is an option on page one to read more of the story.....I couldn't click on it. Oh, I could, I just couldn't make myself.

A chihuahua would make an interesting veep for a border collie.

I call discrimination!

WHAT A sweeetie! you gotta love black labs.

reporter: "I see in your eyes that you've been to Mall of Americas."

Lucy Lou: "Woof." (translation - I did not inhale.)

If you follow the links to the Rabbit Hash general store, you can buy a Rabbit Hash thong.

I think I will pass.

I have tried to warn everyone the Border collies are taking over. They are secretly developing opposable thumbs.

We're doomed! Doomed I tell you!

Following another link, the Border Collie was voted the #1 smartest dog by the CBS morning show.



They have a poll tax. Isn't that unconstitutional? How many cats have $1 to spend on anything but cat food and cat litter?

I'm a black lab and that guy has MY vote!!

Biggin, the Bordie Collie is running.


Lucy Lou what will you do?


There's a black candidate who probably doesn't complain about racial insults.

I believe the photo is the previous mayor. That's no border collie...

I can't wait to go to Kentucky! Who knew there was such culture...

Really...I've got Rabbit Hash on my list of tourist attractions to see in my life time. It's pretty near the top now. The Corn Palace in Mitchell SD is also on said list....someday (sigh)...

$1 per vote? Bah.

I guess calling them "votes" is fine for those sissified Easterners. Out west in Groveland, California (originally named Garrotte), though, they know how to do it right: they come right out and call 'em $1 bribes. Candidates include a renowned BSer, an accordion stalker, and of course Goose, the Dapper Dancing Dog.

I am the dog in question! Ya want to know more? Go to www.rabbithashusa.com for details... and to "Vote"!

Just for the record, everyone knows "Vote" is a euphanism for "Bribe". AND we openly encourage stuffing the ballot box.

nd really... I did NOT inhale!

its so sad when people force their ideals onto their pets it just makes me sick!

What ideals? This is a fund raiser to save the town of Rabbit Hash KY, in particular, the oldest continuously running general store this side of the eastern seaboard, from falling into the Ohio River! Most of the "Ideals" are animal related quips. No animal is being used or abused, trust me!

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