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August 27, 2008


B is for Beast, King of

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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P is for Panzer ...

perfect for children living in WWII

Jalor? In the Navvy....

I have to be the first to say that The Texas Reactance Massacre doesn't quite have the same ominous feel.

Oh, and no scrambled dick for me. Thanks.

Baron, would you prefer your dick hard boiled?

I'd just give all the little kiddies a copy of Shel Silverstein's primer, "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book". They'd grow up real fast...

This stuff is great! I taught (broken) English as a second language in France for many years, mostly using material from the UK. It's like a whole 'nuther language over there, sometimes their expressions would make me laugh. Okay so I'm easily amused.

It's stylish to have stuff written in English on clothes in France; my son had a shirt that said "To do from sport and from footing it is good for we." (Faire du sport et du footing, c'est bien pour nous.)

Footing is French for jogging btw.

Au revoir!

MKJ - when I was in Spain, it was hip to have American 'baseball' team shirts. To duck licensing (I assume), they sported team logos like 'New York Bears' and 'Miami Sox.'

Annie, They wear those to Yankee games but they say "Boston Sux".
{hides head in embarrassment after last two nights}

I hear ya, Braniff. I wore my 'The Curse Lives!' shirt yesterday. It didn't work. Take comfort in knowing you're not a fair weather fan.

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