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July 31, 2008


Try the hexangular germ fries the cowboy bone.

(Thanks to B. Kizer and Dan)


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aha! saliva chicken!! that totally explains my meal from chen's wok.

There sure is a lot of f**king going on in that text...

They sure f***in' love their food.


I guess the chicken cartilage is out.

How f***in' is your chicken?
How loose is your goose?

Dave, take lots of food to Beijing in 1 quart, clear, plastic, resealable bags.

This is certainly educational! Normally when I get Chinese food I order by saying, "I'll have the #46, and two #23s." Who knows what the hell I've been getting?!

When in China NEVER ask what are you eating.
Vomiting on the table is a sign of bad luck

mshark...if you've ordered #23 the chicken and snow peas, you've been getting saliva chicken. this i know.

They do make the best segment the meat ukulele, though.

Now, what number was Prince(ss)Chunky?

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