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July 31, 2008


The Wearable Dog Toilet

Do not miss the video.

(Thanks to Whitney Hanson)


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how disappointing, the video is no longer available.

The collection container does not seem big enough for a large dog.

Also, I find the background of freshly laid sod interesting

Can you imagine how it must feel to have something obstructing your turds on their way out?


(James Horner gets a call from his agent)

Listen, Jimmy -- oh, all right, James -- Listen, I got this great gig for you, these Chinese blokes came up with a gadget you strap on a dog's ass and it collects all the poop, and they want you to do a little something for them, something nice and quaint with pan pipes and a nice oboe sound to it, and -- What?? Listen, Jimmy -- James, you know the phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook since "Titanic", and it's only a couple minutes long, you can do it in your sleep -- Maybe something Britishy, you know, Vaughan Williams, people are starting to get tired of you always quoting Nevsky and Carmina Burana -- OK, send it by as soon as you can -- yes, yes, usual rates -- OK, great! Thanks, Jimmy...

Liquid Nails™, properly applied, is also a solution to this problem. Please note that side effects include headache, flu-like symptoms, redness around the injection site, and sudden explosive decompression. Void where prohibited by law.

I once had a professor that visited China ages ago. He said they used to laugh at Americans for blowing their noses in a handkerchief and putting it back in their pockets.

* ewwwwww warning *

Some dog owners would be like the parents in the news some time back who were cited for child neglect because instead of changing the kids' disposable diapers they'd put duct tape around the legs to keep them from leaking. Kids looked like they were wearing hockey pants.

So I can imagine dogs walking around with one of those disposable things stretched to the max and beyond... no thanks.

Am I unusual in thinking I'd rather just carry plastic baggies and keep my hands away from the dog's a$$?

Wearable Dog Toilet? WTFBBQ?!

I did enjoy the music-to-take-a-dump by, however.

Hammond, how can one void where prohibited, or anywhere else, after application of Liquid Nails?

JM: It does look like a concertina. Maybe they could get it to play "Lady of Spain."

My dogs would simply bite me if tried to make them wear something like that.

We have an understanding - I don't take them places where they can't poop wherever they want to, and they don't poop in the house.

Okay, how many guys are going to try that thing out? Admit it, you know you will.

I have thought about wearing a poop bag, but I would be more interested in one of those condom catheters to collect urine. I could go to the movies, drink a 48 oz soda, and not have to get up and pee during the good parts of the movie.

Margaritaville: They already have one. It's called a colostomy bag.

Note to the Powers that Blog: We need a new topic here! We're discussing poop bags!

*does not request doggie bag*

And when the dog is done with his business, simply remove the bag and replace the patented PoopPlug&tm;.

Why, God, why?

I miss weeks of blogs, come back for a half hour of catching up, and...


That poor dog trying to walk away while he pooped -- just wrong.

OK... The dog wears the device and not the owner. The product makes more sense now.

Erb, maybe that fat goober in Atlantic City should have tried that, as well as a full-body deodorizer™.

Erb, there was a comedian worked that angle. Talked about a friend who wore Depends, not because he needed to, he was just a lazy b*stard. Case of beer, case of Depends, he could watch football all day Sunday and never get up from the recliner.

oooooooooookay. so i got the pleasure of viewing the video now and i note, that after handling the doggy bag, the handler then wipes his hands off all over the poor pooch.


What one person considers lazy another may consider genius.

The thought occured to me a few years ago at a U2 concert. I had a seat (or a spot) near the front. I knew that if I left to use the restroom, I would never get my seat back due to the throng of people that would fill the space. I will not mention the alternative option that I chose.

I'd get that for my Lab except for the horrible music it plays while he's depositing he leavings. Maybe it played "Brown Eyed Girl". . .

Why do I feel as if I need to wash my hands again even though I've just washed them? I think I caught the OCD from this article . . .

and because his cat refused to wear the belt or carry it's poop around on it's back, he opted for this approach.

and because his cat refused to wear the belt or carry it's poop around on it's back, he opted for this approach.

The twittering birds were a nice touch, too. Although I suspect that they were chirping derisive remarks. Was it just me, or did that poor dog look utterly humiliated?

Not only that, it looked like the poor dog had to crap with force to get the accordian thing to unfold. Kinda mean. And Accordian Crapper WBAGNFAnAccordianB.

once I had to listen forced accordian crap.

LOL, Cg!

Crossgirl - SNORK at screw for your choice of mounting.

This is a very well thought-out device. That said, someone has waaay too much time on his hands.

And something else on his hands.

But the music was nice.

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