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July 28, 2008


At least you're not a California horn snail.

As far as we know.


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Testicular Takeover might be a good name for a movie.

Any ideas who should star?

Re-member this?

*Gets depressed again*

I felt like a trematode nursery last weekend . . .

Mrs. Lazy took mine over years ago.

That's gotta hurt. A nematode kick to the balls.

My bad. A *trematode* kick to the balls. That's way worse, I would assume.

If you get that on video, you could get it in cash...

Ewwww. Hillary's Testicular Lockbox in nature...

Do these parasites make my biomass look big?

When your feeling down...Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about this. Orange testicles hung on a bridge over troubled waters.

Aged porn stars, artful penii, trematode testicle takeovers, lust studies -- what the HECK is going on in Blog Central today?

I even forgot the seal wiener special!

Prettly soon thio blog is going to be just another CNN/MSNBC turnoff.

Just another story about a (trema)tode eating a snake.

Is this another sign of the APOCOLYPSE?

Testicular Trematodes Hmmmm - Nah too scary TBAGNFARB

And where is Don Rickles while all this is going on?


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