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July 10, 2008


(Thanks to CJrun)


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You're gonna need a bigger ocean.

I don't think making the ship lighter's going to work. Tell everyone to get out and push the boat. Hey it works on my car.

I told yew so.

One more and they'd have a full deck.

Or...they can all run back and forth across the ship to TILT it back into the water.

The ship's just sitting on a chuck of ice. Al "Al" Gore says it's melting. What's the rush?

Land, Ho!

Tonight's busy entertainment schedule includes sand castles, mud pie making, clamming, mud facials, and barnacle-scraping!

And sand snorkling!

Who you callin' a ho?!

I'm no expert, but don't those things work better in the water?

Couldn't the passengers just WALK to shore? The Coast Guard had to rescue them?

Jeez, some people are SO lazy.

An honorary Florida driver's license for the captain, perhaps?

just wonderin' if alcohol may have been involved, and do "they" issue Florida Captain's licenses?

Love the fact that they deployed the life raft so nobody had to tread sand.

They probably could have blasted the boat out. Course that might have blasted a hole in the boat too, but I don't care. I just like blasting stuff.


Elon, I just flashed on the exploding whale video, too! I like the way you think...we should hang.

Yeah, Elon, I immediately thought, "call Oregon DOT" when I saw that picture.

SW/Wyo, those of us that don't live in the City or the High Plains Desert have a rule: When your draft exceeds your depth, you are assuredly aground. It's kinda International. That may be too big a screw-up for the Captain to have had a choice; I suspect massive equipment failure, which (come to think of it) is still the Captain's fault.

I would have thought the beach under the boat would have been the Captains first clue that something (like water) was amiss.

they'll probably have to pay extra for that shore excursion.

You don't need to throw the heavier passengers overboard. Just throw the buffet overboard; it's a self-correcting process.

It's about time! For years I've been on dry ground and felt like I was being tossed by waves on the ocean... (Oh, wait, that was the booze... never mind!) Speaking of which, can we open the blogbar? Bartender?... Gentleman Jack, neat?

*snork* @ Death! How true that is. They'll follow that buffet overboard. Everyone line up after me ;-P

did someone say "Blogbar"?

Blogbar, iceberg, what's the difference?

SW, I said NEAT!!! i.e., no ice... jus' sayin'

Rereading my comment, I realise that an "eliminate the middleman" joke would have fit in there nicely...

Oh, and blogbartender, a mojito please. I've brought the Havana Club for it. Days like this I'm glad to be Canadian!

Uh, Al? I'm pretty sure you told us the water levels were rising...

death, nobody else gonna do this, so I'm slippin' behind the bar and crushing the mint...

Good to see that Joe Hazelwood has found a new job ...

o the u. shall I see you in Aug? maybe?

Coals to Newcastle = Nodak to WY in August anytime.

I'm gonna see Sio in October. *big grin*

Med will be here on Saturday. just sayin'

Cheryl, waaasssssuuuupppp? in October that you get to see Sio??? (Inquring minds want to know, You report, we decide...)

btw, death, seems you're (not your) ready for a 'nutha mojito (at least I hope so, 'cause I'm ready for another bourbon...)

Woooo hoooooooo!! I'm gonna see Cheryl and ddd and Med and...CJ and cg and whomever else wants to come to Casa de Siouxie for the Hunt!

I almost made it to ddd's birthday bash this saturday in Atlanta. (Hope she's having a great bday today!)

Hey, Siouxie, I bet I can get down there too! Send me the dates, k? (Man that will be so fun!!)

Can't wait for "the hunt." We may have to form a team and defy the odds.

But my car is locked, loaded and aiming for Wyo!

Bali, wouldn't that be funny, for us to go to Miami to meet? Crazy times.

And frodo, not to be a snob, but that's muddling you're doing with the mint back there (and for that matter, muddling is what that cruise ship is attempting, as well).

ROFL at Martini's "tread sand". Too funny!

Good post, CJ. :)

And ftr, anyone packing for Sioux's Casa, take winter pj's. She don't like the heat. just sayin.

ddd told me. ;)

Sioux, bought the Oklahoma Joe's BBQ to take to Wyoming. Wish CJ would pop over with stone crabs. Ohhhhhhhh, the crustaceons. Mmmmmm. Can hardly wait.

bali, the Hunt is on Sunday, Oct 26th this year. Cheryl is coming on Friday and ddd is coming on Sat...staying till monday...dunno about Med and the others but the more the merrier! What fun!!

LOL Med..it's the menopause. I get those hot flashes whenever you hot blog gals are around ;-P

I need me some more of that BBQ too!

I'll see what kinda airfare I can wrangle, but I'm pretty sure I can get there. WOO HOO!

And Med, I hot flash too. Thanks in advance, Sio!

I'm not there yet, girls. (down on her knees praying that she isn't on the Indian gramma timeline)

But I am THERE! Can't wait to catch up with my girrel friends. and CJ. ;)

Whooop!! Blogette Slumber party (with CJ)!

and not that I am excited or anything......

But I will be in Wyoming IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. WHOO HOO!!!! We're stopping in Cheyenne for the cowgirrel museum (for mini me) and a free concert by my favorite local band, the Elders, at the train station (on the Historic Register) before intercepting the boy scouts in casper on Saturday.

Be afraid. An adolescent boy, 10 days in the backcountry camping and hiking, sans showers or fresh skivvies. 2 hours in the car b4 we reach the wyo ranch and a shower. nose plugs, anyone?

We'll never find it. Maybe if you leave a trail of giant chickens....

Snork @ CJ. Shall I send you a Garmin?

*rolls eyes @ CJ*

BTW, Med...I am jealous that you'll be to meet Wyooooooooooooooooooo and Diane before me. I couldn't make it to the Big Country this year, but I'll go one day. I gots the cowboy hat fer it.

be get

Hey Siouxie, I thought the plan was for everyone to be working The Hunt this year. Does this mean I have to be thinkin'?

I'm just dreamin' of glory, Mshark. We'll all be workin... actually more fun. The desperation, the confusion and discombobulation.....

And the beers with judi. ;)

Hell no, Martini. I'm working it as usual. I am NOT thinking at ALL. Takes too many brain cells that I'd rather use for drinkage. The more we drink, the less we think...or something like that.

Was kinda banking on that. After the night with this crowd I was not capable of stringing together cogent sentences. Trying to decipher Dave's brand of warped puzzlements would send me to the nearest tavern to watch the pregame shows with bloody marys.

My God. I have found My People.


bali sounds like Moses.

Nite all!! Sweet dreams.

'Night there Siouxie. Hope your dream ship stays afloat.

"A spokesman for Cruise West, which owns the ship, said they have experienced zero instances of seasickness".

"the 63 metre Spirit".....how much is that in pounds?

Well, since boats are measured along the waterline, I'd make that @ 20 feet.

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