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July 31, 2008



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Designer fashion vaginas? Gosh!
Is the NYT magazine going to feature a spread?
(Please forgive me.)

Should this be included in the ladies fashion update?

Isn't anyone happy with what they HAVE anymore? Oh wait... that sounded like my mother... Damn! *waving down the geezer bus*

I'm perfectly happy with my vagina, thanks!

And so are many others, apparently.

I know we on the blog are, M.

Wouldn't hurt to just get an estimate . . .

Well, thank you Jeff, I'm so glad to hear it.

You saw the Spice Girls?

All I can say is that if these doctors wanted to do designer male parts, there probably wouldn't be as many takers.

Dave you went to a Spice Girls concert? Did Michelle drag you? I mean you saw Jimmi Hendrix in concert there must be some kind of law.

This explains it! I was at the Syndey Opera house to see "The Vagina Monologues" and they stuttered and lisped through the entire show.

If they're going to give me a designer one, all I know is that I don't want one floorlength...or off the shoulder.

Martini maybe they had partaken in a local beverage before the show.

Also on an unrelated note be careful when googling images of Fosters at work as the third image is of a blonde naked woman.

If you are home though then google away lol

...ruffled hems are also out.

...not to mention paisley.

ROFL, MartiniShark! And feel free to ask around, but I rarely use 'chatspeak' here.

24 Addict, what are you talking about? I googled it and besides beer all I saw was a picture of Foster Brooks. He was naked however, so warning heeded.

and W.Dude, don't worry I won't judge you and I'll consider it a compliment, NTTAWWT.

*snork* at sandy!!!

Where does the logo go?

Feh. The ones I get at [email protected] are good enough for me.



emkay - regarding the logo...they realized the g spot would be the most noticeable, but then admited in the article that it couldn't be located, and was most likely absent. men humph


I guess I sent this in to Dave too late to be credited for it!

(Or maybe he jus' doesn't like me?)

Anywho, (MS, you must REEEEAAALLLLY love your gal, to go see the "The Vagina Monologues"... That's really pussywhipped sweet!!!)

Not even the bots caught it! Cool!

'Designer Vaginas' Blacklisted in Australia

Is it true that once you go blacklisted, you never go back?

Hey, Vito (if that is your real name). Have you checked your SPAM box lately? It seems to me there might just be a large market for that.

Daniel Fleming, president of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, said the vast majority of people who undergo labia and vaginal surgery were "very happy'' with the result.

Hubby's were probably happy too!

Gucci Hoochi?

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