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July 31, 2008


According to researchers at the University of Wolverhampton, the world's oldest recorded joke is -- get ready -- a Sumerian fart joke.

(Sent in by everyone)


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Now all we need to find is the Ancient Chinese Secret™ Booger Joke©.

Was the young woman supposed to fart in his face?
I'm not sure if I get the joke.

(I laughed anyway in case it was funny)

Venn ist das nurnstuck git und slotermeyer? Ya! Beigerhund das oder die flipperwaldt gersput!

Why do cherry trees stink?

Because George Washington cut one.

(Fart joke dated 1753 AD)

I didn't know The Blog had his own British TV channel.

A mummy walked into a bar and the bartender asked, "Why the long case"?

was Don Rickles also involved?

I heard all those watching Uncle Miltie...

andre descartes walks into a bar, and the barkeep says - would you like a pint, sir? descartes says: i think not. and disappeared.
but if the truly funniest joke were revealed, it would kill us all.

Wait, this study was comissioned by "television channel Dave"? Is there some aspect of the Dave Barry media empire of which I am unaware?

probably from 'the epic of gigglegamesh'...

Too bad they didn't have blogs back then.

I don't get it. Did she fart or did she not fart?

Anyone? Bueller? Mud?

It doesn't matter. The young Sumerian boys all probably started laughing when they got to the word "fart" anyway.

Thought some wiseacre apothecary would have coined "Pull my opposable digit!"

"Breakfast any time? Then I'll have the eggs during The Jurassic Period."

"First Egyptian: Did you hear the one about the Sumerian?
Second Egyptian: No, I did not.
First Egyptian: He was extremely stupid.
Second Egyptian: Ha ha ha!"

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