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July 29, 2008


What's the problem?

(Thanks to Dave, but another one)


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You can still praise the wine and beer.

A priest walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the law case?"

Simul with TequilaTown. It's five o'clock on the Richter scale somewhere.
*shaken, but not stirred*

The residents should move out of the trailer park and throw up a homestead along a secluded area of a rural railroad track. There's miles and miles of this kind of 'unattended' land all over the country. That's how and where I grew up.

Trailer parks have rules? Hu nu?

I believe the county has opened a can of worms that will require a much larger can to contain.

Too bad the trailers are so old and they have permanent porches/stairs/what-have-yous attached - they might have been able to get around that by just moving their trailers a couple of spaces every 90 days ...

All they have to do is serve comunion wine every service and they are all set.

But can the houses legally be used as churches?

They can still worship of course. It'll just have to be Hank Williams. No more of that sinful Christ idolatry.

Oh and Dave this thing called WOT thinks this site is not safe for children. That is an outrage. Can we allow innocent children to be turned away simply because it might not be safe for them? I think not.

"How come two lawyers can't get together and agree?"

Because they're paid by the hour?

Actually, somehow this reminds me of that old orchestra joke: "How can you tell when a viola player is playing out of tune?" "The bow is moving."

Annie--a little more Tequila and the aftershocks wont even be noticed!

I'm still tryin' to decide if losin' LA could be a bad thing.

please forgive my jadedness. (is that a word??)

Somehow, methinks, this world is pretty much upside down. Truly I am a stranger in a strange land.

One last comment. So far as I know, 30 years ago, my Dad was the only ordained minister in Wyoming with a liquor license. Maybe there should have been some more.

I agree Wyo. I have long thought the Latter Day Church of What's Happenin' Now was more effective than Our Lady of Immaculate Concrete.

rascal, you exagerate.

Plus, that County is just POd because they can't collect taxes on a church.

Say Hallelujah, say Amen!

Say, what?

CJ, much as I hate to admit it, you just nailed the heart of the matter.

such is life.

The solution to the church is obvious...

Back when my church was still a mission, the first permanent building we had was when we rented our little town's old city hall. Only church I've seen that had it's own jail cell.

Made a dandy nursery.

Alright - since no one has come to the defense of L.A., I feel I must speak out. Not all of L.A. is a wasteland. There are many of us who call this place home, and even though you might not think so, many of us read, write, and understand things like quantum physics, theology, philosophy, finance, raising families and assorted other things you all on the outside consider valuable. Yes, we have our share of lunatics, and people who are sucking air just for the sake of sucking air, but what place doesn't ? I realize that Wyo is prolly just trying to rebel rouse, but we happen to love the place we are from, and whether or not we call ourselves Angelenos, Eagle Rockians, Encinoites, or Burbankites, we are still happy to be from SoCal. I hope we are still Americans, even though a lot of us are independents, democrats and other sinful things. So there.

I love Los Angeles too. I live in San Diego, but I went to UCLA for a while, I have lots of friends there, and it's a great place to go.
I have no idea why people like to diss it so.

*high^fives Telecom*

*High^fives El back !* We are proud season ticket holders to UCLA football, and just love going to the Rose Bowl for tailgate parties. We have a waiting list of usc fans who want to join us for the party. L.A. is not as bereft of culture as most people think. In case you didn't know, the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance is here, which is one of the best museums of Holocaust history in the nation - which may be in contention, since the Holocaust Museum in DC borrowed a large part of their exhibit from us. Also, the Getty is world reknown for its exhibits as well. Closer to home, we have the Norton Simon in Pasadena, which you can see if you ever watch the Rose Parade. We have a lot here that defines us seperate from the world of tinsel town - you just have to be of the ilk to search it out. So no offense, Wyo, cuz I love ya, but if you're looking for tawdry, we got it in spades, but if you want the real L. A., you really gotta put the cliches aside and look. Most people who come here are [i]looking[/i]for the tawdry - they just never scratch the surface to see what us natives are all aobut.

OK, the bot hates L.A. too - he totally showed my italics instructions, and ignored them !

Tele, italics instructions uses these < >, instead of these [ ]. I mean, here in OK. We ain't fancy like y'all West Coasters.

Alex, that was just about perfect.

Tele, just take the heat. Remember, your City takes it upon itself to comment on all of America, all day, every day.

Personally, I could not care less. I was first in LA @ 1965 and it was OK then, but it's mostly a mess since. It's nowhere near as beautiful as where I live and it purposely projects an image of the rest of the Country as dung. It should hardly come as surprising that many folks wouldn't bother to pee on LA if it was on fire. I certainly wouldn't.

Day in, day out, LA thinks it projects America, but it would be wrong. The America I'm familiar with is strong and proud and happy, not at all the image LA chooses to project about us. If you have a problem with that, then it ain't with us; it's with other people in LA.

I can take criticism of St. Pete, and Lord knows I have to. If you can't take heat for living in LA, a town where numbnuts send TV shows around the world purporting to represent America, then maybe your issue is with those TV folks.

"How come two lawyers can't get together and agree?"

Jesus, you see the kind of simplemindedness we're looking at with this thing.

It's probably the oldest lawyer joke in the world: There's a little town that has only one lawyer in it, and he's starving. Then a second lawyer moves to town, and they both get rich.

Goodness, CJ, for someone who hasn't been here since 1965, you sure claim to know a lot about it. And thanks for not peeing on us. I'm sure we'd return the favor. Sheesh.

Of course losing LA would be a bad thing. Then the poor, bored know-it-alls would have to find another place upon which to pick. Like Sandusky.

CJ, I think you are confusing Hollywood with L.A.
Hollywood might be a part of L.A., but in no way is it representative of it. Like I said, it ain't perfect, and we got more than our share of the weirdness magnet happening here, but it's a big place. Not fair to lump us all in the same basket. I have traveled all over our fair nation - no where is perfect - we just learn to live with our loonies and try to make a happy life. And I truly think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - there is beauty in every state. I would no sooner accuse all of Florida of being the stupid factory of the US as I would accuse all of Germany to be Nazi's. No offense intended, but I have to disagree with you there.

And thanks, Bali - I need to brush up on my commands. ; )

Well put, Tele.

Who comes up with these ridiculous Code Enforcement laws, anyway? Granted, I understand keeping weeds and such down on laws to prevent a fire hazard, but what is wrong with permanent trailers in an RVpark? What's with the person that phoned-in to Code Enforcement, anyway?

if anyone needs me, i'll be at church.

I'm goin' to church with cg.

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