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July 14, 2008


We apologize for the lack of posting today (of semi-naked men or the other boring variety), but we (the Smith family, not the Barry family or related sloths) have been driving around The Land of the Bright Orange T-shirt, searching for short-term housing that does not cost more than our South Florida house payment to rent a studio with sagging screens and rotting wood. For a week. Thanks to a really great woman named Frances¹ we finally found one and got to come home. So now we can post stuff. Yay.

¹Frances, in our hearts.


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YAY! Thank you, judi!

Glad it worked out, judi! :)

Which Land of the Bright Orange T-shirt is that? I know there's one in Illinois, but I don't think you were talking about that one...

If that guy is blow-drying the end of his wiener, I just give up!


judi's linky

Ah, so it wasn't this one.

Ah, thanks. I was pretty sure it wasn't this one, but had to be sure!

And double posting to boot.... It's late.

Night night, before I double post again!

Nite, Steve

Nite, Steve

Can Frances help me find a place to stay in San Diego for Comic-Con?

Many thanks to Frances and judi!

I thought you'd been kidnapped by monkies, judi! Or was personally introduced to one of those Rugby players... If it were the second one, I wouldn't have worried so much -- not so much for #1.

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