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July 28, 2008


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Too bad. There is nothing funnier than a giant inflatable banana in the sky.

KXAN's server is slow. I can't get the page to load. So I haven't read it yet.

Are you floating a giant inflatable banana over Texas, or are you just glad to see me?

"Saez (says) says ... to bring some humor to the Texas sky."

Heh. This guy obviously doesn't remember LBJ, or his (in)famous Silver Star awarded during WWII.

oh, the bananity!

Look! It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's over 300,000% of the minimum adult daily requirement for potassium!

Trust me, Texas could use some humor!

Texas, eh? Sumbuddy'll jus shoot 'er.

Cesar Saez? Really?

"Discontinue your banana float"
[they stop]
"Ah, ha! I didn't say Cesar Saez"

So is that a derrigble blimp in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?


Looks like we're gonna need a much bigger bowl of corn fl@kes.

He-li-um filled banana
Gonna be the very next craze
He-li-um filled banana
Floated out by Ce-ee-sar Saez
It's Hermosillo yellow
(flies nightly)
Hermosillo yellow
(flies nightly)
Amarillo yellow
(flies nightly)...

The people in Texas would have just run inside like fraidy cats and called the police to report a UFO.

The saddest part of this story is that the "artist" managed to siphon $50K funding from Canada's Art Council for the project. The Balance of the would-be donors of the million dollar cost of the "project" who refrained from donating were either:

1. Sane.
2. Non-politicians.
3. There is no #3...

Now, where did my giant inflatable monkey go?

He "went" in the giant inflatable woods, like the giant inflatable bears do, Punkin.

*snork*@suss' 'banana float'!

So, they're saying that due to lack of funding, the "banana split?"... (Ducks Siouxie's machete!)

Yes, we have no banana!

frodo - Siouxie and her machete are on a cruise, so you're safe.

But I'm taking names for later.

Punkin', ouch!!! Any words of advice on how to appease her? LOL! Don't worry, won't hide behind you or anyone else... I always take my (well-deserved) punishment up front! (Above the waist, I'm talking, Sioux! ABOVE THE WAIST! ABOVE THE WAIST!!!)

(Dave, how 'bout setting up a separate page on your blog, called the "PUNatentiary?" Enough of the bloggers are good enough at it that you could exile all of us there...)

...jus'sayin'... frodolives

*Flaps in for a moment*

You know, if this idea had come to fruition, we'd have to change the name of our theme park to Six Flags and A Giant Yellow Banana Over Texas. Which has absolutely no appeal.

"fruition" . . . well play ma'am

...not to mention "no appeal", cowhand

Montreal-based artiest Cesar Saez (says) says the banana plan is suspended.

See, if they had just done this at that place in St. Pete, no one would have been arrested.

Did someone already make the requisite banana hammock joke? If not, imagine I just did.

Yay, SuzyQ, I was just gonna go there.

SNORK @ insom.

"Led Derrigible" Almost AGNFORB

Shot down like a "Led Derrigible". Almost AGNFARB


Which reminds me. Has anyone noticed that Rabbi Gene Weingarten has absconded with this particular word and claimed it as his own?

"The San Antonio Express-News reports the artwork, drifting eastward at about a 20-mile altitude, would have been visible over Texas until it eventually disintegrated."

Texas is going to disintegrate??

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