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July 18, 2008


It is way ahead of the pack.

(Thanks to B Kizer and sjhaller)


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Judi, remember a long while back when you said one way you retained your composure was never clicking on links we included in our comments? Check out 3:43 -- oh, and also 4:24...

GMTA indeed! :)

Another reason Dave has my vote.

A part of the lasting legacy of the current administration... smells about right.

HAH! I KNEW he'd be in great company!

You had to mention that place

They're gonna need a bigger plant.

And speaking of sewage - I just changed a diaper that had some kind of bright orange nuclear waste that maliciously travels up butt cracks and continues to follow the spinal cord right up to the armpits.

I hope Iran doesn't have this.

funny thing is, sewage plants clean up the filth that others left behind.

I'm not sure that's what their intention was, so it makes it that much funnier.

Gives sewage plants a bad name.




What mess did Dave leave behind to earn his honor?

I think I agree with deano, GWB is cleaning up the messes that others try to ignore. However, the maroons in SF do not get the irony.

steve: what's your point? that i should not have blogged it because someone mentioned it in a comment last week? i have to disagree. many people who read the blog don't actually read the comments. including myself, sometimes. :)

I think my point, if I even have one, is that this proves there is a groundswell of interest in seeing our president honored in an appropriate fashion. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy! As for not reading the comments, maybe some people are still in shock over your Barry Manilow pic the other day -- not me, I like to live dangerously, but just sayin' ... :)

And by the way, if those pictures of Manilow someone posted, showing his clothes barely hanging off his body, are a sign of any serious condition (though the article vehemently denies it), then I willingly take back everything I said. I saw my grandfather go from 200 pounds to next to nothing when he had a brain tumor, and I would not wish that on anyone -- no matter what I think of his singing ... !

yeah, that was sad :(

Well..his rep says BM's not ill. And of COURSE we believe everything a rep says. And it's on the Internet.

Local Republicans say the plan stinks and they will oppose it.

Gee, I wonder why.

Those 'Sanfransickcans' don't need a new sewer system,
They, (Most ; anyway?) need more shrinks and Psychiatric hospitals for LA LA Land's Judges, Politicians and that Nazi Pelousey

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